Pakistan Kills TTP Commander Also Claims Indian Terrorist Killed

Pakistan Kills TTP Commander Also Claims Indian Terrorist Killed

Pakistan kills TTP commander. However, India claims that TTP will retaliate. TTP will surely retaliate to keep attacking Pakistani areas for freedom, says India’s media. He was freedom fighter, also says India. But Pakistan claims TTP commander was the terrorist. The TTP commander or what Pakistan claims him as terrorist accused of killing women, particularly in Pakistan. Also many kidnapping cases registered against Safiullah (TTP commander or terrorist). His terror attacks will be no more, says a much relieved Pakistan army.

Pakistan army says, it’s an achievement for Pakistan to kill the terrorist, who used to be trained in Afghanistan. Afghan govt used to ignore terror activities of Safiullah and many of such activities of some other terrorists. Safiullah was the main terror group leader. Taliban alerted Pakistan, which also made easy for Pakistani Army to kill Safiullah. This is the beginning of the rise of fall of terrorist activities in Pakistan, say Pakistani media. India says Pakistan kills TTP commander. But what India says, Pakistan saying the opposite.

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