According To Sources Trends In Reporting Fake News

According To Sources Trends In Reporting Fake News

India has reached a new height in reporting fake news. Western Media also uses according to sources. It might be either true or according to sources, where they’re not responsible. Even f their report turns out to be fake, it doesn’t matter because they’re helping or are sycophants of the central govt. Those, who fact check the reports will be troubled but not those reporters, who create fake news in order to support a major political party. According to sources trends in reporting fake news more than what’s reliable.

TV anchors, reporters, journalist keep using according sources for this or that happened today. Viewers need not believe if any source not named and the report is shocking! Often the misuse goes on and on and has become a trend. According to sources trends more in India. It’s not surprising to know that news reports are believed on the basis that someone reported this against someone else.

Wake Up Viewers

Viewers argue in a way that “this is fake because I’ve a link to show you”. The context is to know what’s worth and what can be annoying for us to know. What anchors claim in loud voice something which is wrong or fake, goes in their favor. Why let fake channels to earn more? They need to stop reporting fake. Viewers can do this. It’s very simple. Just don’t watch or read from those channels, which highlight something fake as shocking and use according to sources. This according to sources trend needs to be stopped.

Wake up otherwise innocents will be jailed and criminals will be the leaders. Links aren’t the credibility. Always, the viewers need to be confirmed with a known or named source. If you trust such channels whether online or of TV, then go ahead and believe. There are dozens of TV channels in India still making lot of money even though their reports are fake. They can even earn more if they work hard to report facts. Why let few others to laugh? 

Media neither confirms the reports nor works upon to know more about what they’re going to report. Even if they know a bit about something happening, they start creating a report without bothering to find more about such incidents. This is so because they’ll be the first or at least in the top 10 to report so and so, which is shocking! 

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We do not pay attention to report posts lengthy. However, we’ve posts of 2000 words to 7000 words based upon readability. Our intention is to consume lesser time of our readers for them to go through our site experiencing different topics. So, we stopped adding more content to our posts in order to make our readers do not read more than what’s required…

Many TV channels lengthen their reports and repeat the headlines just to make you watch more. Even one tweet of about 10 words used to make a report of about 1 hour or more. We do not do this and we always provide useful and factual content in short. This is why online channels have something to say. A good read is what makes sense than watching anything weird. Readers are the best people, who love to write and read a lot.

You should be aware of what’s happening rather than read more without understanding the main issues. We’re an independent channel. Do keep visiting us frequently and search with your choicest words with the use of our search box. You can read many topics and much more different content like, News, Scripts, Poetry, Lyrics, eBooks, etc.

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