BJP Gains Momentum In UP After Owaisi House Vandalized In Delhi

BJP Gains Momentum In UP After Owaisi House Vandalized In Delhi

Vandalism is vandalism, there are no gains whatsoever, when vandalism takes place against anyone. When it comes to politics, different parties do ignore but some gain so much out of such crimes. You know how the justice in India denied and also delayed. Many rich Muslims like Rana Ayyub (Emperor of Journalism), Mohammed Zubair (Journalist) and Dr. Kafeel Khan troubled. But not so much. Only the innocent poor Muslims attacked, killed in India, where the law takes no actions against the perpetrators. Whenever Owaisi speaks let the law in India take the action, it only sidelines the control of BJP on the judiciary system. Here comes, gains and losses for the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh (UP) elections. BJP gains momentum in UP with this and such acts against Muslim parliamentarian also happened earlier. This is the fourth time.

The leader (of the criminal) group blamed Asaduddin Owaisi for speaking against Hindus. So, his house in Delhi, which is still in high security was attacked. That doesn’t matter because some minor repairs can redo the house. Also, there’s something, from where BJP gains momentum in UP (Uttar Pradesh).

How BJP Gains Momentum In UP…

Firstly, the (criminal) leader of (criminal) activist group wasn’t aware of the vandalism of Owaisi’s house in Delhi. He came to know about this through some news reports. He warned Asaduddin Owaisi to discontinue speaking against Hindus. That’s where BJP made it a religious issue to benefit with support or gain momentum for the nearby 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections. It’s not shocking to know that the criminal “group” leader blamed and warned Owaisi. But, what’s of concern is Owaisi still depends upon the judiciary system.

Justice delayed is justice denied while the Supreme court of India is human and it was learned that BJP do not have 100% control over the Apex court. Yet, when it was asked, “what do you feel as the accusations over AIMIM either wrong or right (speaking against Hindus?)”. Asaduddin Owaisi replied that if that’s true then “go to court”, why do such activities. “Don’t take the law in your hands”. This makes people to believe so many judgement failures and delays. Example already given above. Another best example is that of Babri Masjid. Here, the BJP creates something in the minds of the people in Uttar Pradesh to speak more against AIMIM and Muslims. This is where in Uttar Pradesh, BJP gains momentum and such acts would be likely to go on.

Let’s not forget that BJP is in deep trouble since 2 years ever since Yogi Adityanath’s failures and mismanagements exposed. Now, BJP have so many points to speak about in order to hide what wrong BJP did so far in the severely hit from crises after crisis; State-UP.

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