If You Care Not Relations Why Support Community

If You Care Not Relations Why Support Community

Top leaders and top journalists come across masses to speak so much in favor of so and so. That’s what most of the people strangely ignore their relatives and friends while coming forward to speak in favor of their communities. The voices supposed to be criminal if one never bothers his kith and kin and also his friends. Simply, if you care not relations like your close or far relatives or friends when they need good-times with you, you’re nowhere. Your link is to the extent of your relations, how far that can go.

Every community around the World comes in support of their own community while this happens more in Asia. For example, in India people wouldn’t even bother to talk a few seconds more to their relatives or friends. But they’ve so much time to support their own community members. If you care not relations then why support your community?

Yes, people throw parties (Free Food) and if possible do some financial help to their dear ones like relatives or friends. They do this, on the other hand if you see a large gathering of friends and relatives, people would most likely ignore a few, who want good-time. But not free food or money than good-time. Be nice to everyone, and firstly be nice to your relations, and then think about protecting your community. Your relations are your family, relatives, and friends.

If You Care Not Relations It’s Isn’t Fair…

There’s no right for people of any religion to support their own community whilst ignoring their relatives and friends. This is why if you care not relations then why you want to become a hero in front of your relations? Your relations are your family, relatives and friends. Moreover, you can also lift them up to show them the way you followed to reach new heights. If you want to hide your success story, it’s not bad, but you can guide a few or more of your relations. That’s your experience, which you can use to guide your relatives and friends. You won’t do this, but you do help them financially also isn’t that bad. But that’s no good either.

Teach a man to fish, you’re feeding him for life rather than feeding him fish for sometime or as long as possible. You might be committed to help someone financially. However, if you teach him to learn something good to earn something. That’s the way you’re helping your community. He would become self dependent rather than depending upon you.

The best thing or at least something good a person can do is keeping good relations with family, relatives and friends. If he’s that much up, then he can go ahead raise his voice to support his community. You become a hero if you raise your voice in support of your community, but you’ll be a zero to your relations if you’re not connected. Cutting yourself off from relations is worst. Think.

Good Relations More Better Than Raising Voice For Others

You just Keeping your relations away from having some good-time with you means no proper guidance from you at all. This might hit you more in longtime. This is where an opportunity for someone to come in between the people of different communities to play a role of divide & rule. You’re so much in anger or you keep fretting when a person from your community abused or harassed or even more killed while you don’t bother if one of your relations having tough time. You don’t want to be in touch with your relations whatsoever because they might not like you or they differ to your thoughts. They might mock at you in some occasions because the reasons are too many.

One reason is that they know you and find you closer, and you don’t get the same respect as you get from others than your relations. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid them or ignore listening to your relations. Be the first to appreciate what your relations do if they do good. If they’re on the wrong path then come closer to them and teach them good so that they’ll avoid doing what’s bad. This way every community can grow. Remember, charity starts first from relations. Point is you should help others after you help your relations.

Simply, creating nuisance on social media, commenting hatefully to protect your community is no good. The protection of your community is your good manners, which would be helpful rather than your unnecessary anger.

What Next…

Why get so much troubled and sad when someone from your community harassed? It’s good to feel that way for your community whether your community is of any religion or cast. This is not the best way to protect your community because once you’re a good person for your relations, then go ahead. If you do good to your relations, then it’s good to raise voice for your community people. Keep on abusing each other on social media isn’t good. Show them you’ve patience. Think twice before you comment or tweet. Play a just role to say good always even to your enemies or the enemies of your religion. Patience matters. He, who keeps patience is the best among you.

Insulting other community people and acting as if you’re so much bothered about your own community. At the end, you’ll try hard in the night to sleep. You won’t like anyone to wake you up as soon as you hit the bed to sleep. You’ll say who cares? That’s the reality. You can’t be you if you’re sleepless for 72 hours. How can you think, you’ve done all good, abusing or reacting badly to someone, who hates your community. Come forward. Yes please do support your relations first than prioritizing your thoughts to raise voice against people, who spread hatred of your community.

Don’t think too much about what will happen if I don’t say or keep silent. No. First be kind to your relations. If you care not your relations then why support your community.

Your care for your kith and kin, your relatives and friends matters because they must be your priority. How can then you go and yell out so much venom over the people, who do insult a few others of your own community?

Finally. see the use of slurs on social media. So much of hatred one community shows to the other. It means they’re not so attached to their family, relatives and friends, yet they spread hatred.

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