2 Guys Writing Lyrics Have Interesting Conversation

2 Guys Writing Lyrics Have Interesting Conversation

The 2 guys writing lyrics have so much to bear with difference of thoughts. Khalid M Raza is just one man show for In Hand writer. That’s not to discuss here. Let the conversation keep going. “Dekh Bhai… Bas Kar Bakwaas… Likhne De… Sonchne De”. Means Listen bro, please let me think, and stop talking about something else than what we 2 guys writing lyrics. Let’s keep thinking to write good lyrics.

Now, the conversation as interesting as it goes on. “Abey Teri Sonch Se Pehle Mujhe Sapna Aajata Tu Kya Sonchne Wala Hai So”. Means: “Don’t worry before you think, I get a dream of what you’ll be thinking of. Here, the other guy replies: “Ye Sapna Koun Hai?”. Means: Who’s Sapna? He says: “Mera Purana Zakhm, Yaad Na Dila Re”. Means: My old wound, don’t remind me. “Abbah Tere Ku Bhi Zakhm Laga”. Oh You also got wounded? “Yes my dear, I was not only wounded but also hurt too much”. Now, let’s move below, sentence after sentence or dialogues from the 2 guys writing lyrics…

The One Dialogue Followed By Another…

“Are you crazy? Everyone if wounded gets hurt too”.

“Don’t talk about everyone, I’m unique”.

“So let me see how unique are you?”

“I told you when we wrote the lyrics for the blockbuster, it was me, who suggested you so many lousy words”.

“I don’t remember, which blockbuster, you’re talking of”.

“Just forget let us write the best lyrics this time too”.

“Yes, we’ve plenty of time. Still 2 weeks to go”. Here, highly creative writers take just about half an hour to write the best lyrics. Don’t mind. Keep the conversation going on.

“How much money we got paid? Why would we work so hard”. Here, highly creative writers won’t mind money, the intent is even if little amount paid, they get motivated to write compelling content or lyrics. Just anything.

Continuation from: “How much money we got paid?”.

“My friend whatever paid to us was too less than we deserve”.

“You’re right, we live in a world, where nobody works for free”.

“That’s right, let’s hike our price for our next projects”.


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