How to maintain self-esteem to help yourself be confident

How to maintain self-esteem to help yourself be confident

How to maintain self-esteem to help yourself be confident    

You’ve to keep your self-esteem up, to maintain it, as much as you score 3 out of 5. That’s a bit of a level. So, how to maintain self-esteem towards a way, too good for you, where you prefer easy and good relations with everyone. Keep on making good relations like friendship, where your views would be highlighted.    

What is self-esteem?

Decide yourself, where you stand? What you’re up to? What you think of yourself? You’ll be so humble when someone praises you a lot more than you expect. That’s not disturbing to you or anyone, right? However, you’ll react humbly to point out that you don’t deserve that much praise or any praise at all, and so to say, you’ll also be internally happier too. That’s human. You’re so comfortable in your life if you maintain your self-esteem. It might be stupid to think we’re all not bothered about our self-esteem. This is self-esteem, which keeps us reminding about how much we’re valuable or worthful?  

We need to know what’s negligible and what’s worthful in order to understand than react to whatever comes in our way. It might be too late to react on someone, who hurts your ego. A sensible polite reaction not always required though. But whether too late or too early, your self-esteem pulls you up to react at any moment. For example, you’re in a queue for an interview and there’s heavy rush. Someone, says something on social media about you. You then incidentally, you see the notification, and you can’t stop yourself being so busy to open up, and you at least with a few worded text-message, react and then carry on. This again, relates to your self-esteem.     

How does putting a value on yourself affect your lived experiences?

What’s your worth in your surroundings? How can you be so helpful or a growth factor to your employer? Here, your self-esteem means your worth, which speaks everything the way, you want yourself to present to others. Self-esteem is related even with your relations. Your relations are your colleagues, employers, friends and relatives. For example: If in your company, your colleague points at your mistakes, whatever little those might be. You’ll think in a way, which bothers you too much about the “insults”. You’ll keep patience, and accept your mistakes and get along with all your colleagues because you know your employer still needs your work.

You’re determined. The determination plays a key role to understand what’s your worth in the company, where you’re working. So, attitude, determination, strong character and so on, are a part of putting a value on yourself affect your lived experiences.        

Avoid being too much humble for everything people notice about you. Accept praise and avoid self-appraisal. Self-appraisal is something, a person highlights his or her achievements for promoting himself or herself. Being humble is the opposite. It’s good if VIPs are humble. This way, they’ll have more people in favor of them than more people against them. You’re also VIP to yourself. So, bother more about yourself than thinking about others. Live, enjoy, and keep yourself happy. This is why you’re reading how to maintain self-esteem and more.  

What causes low self-esteem?     

You would then also worry about low self-esteem. Your negative thoughts about yourself to judge yourself to think negatively. Keeping yourself in a lower position or maintaining low profile, which’s why low self-esteem can hit you in sometime. Low self-esteem can even put you in depression. That’s not a major worry. You can still fight depression. Remember, how Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone fought depression.  

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How To Maintain Self-Esteem And Why Should You Do It?

So, how to improve self-esteem, is what you’re about to know. It’s hurtful to you if you couldn’t maintain self-esteem and in many cases, people will be in a sorry state when they won’t get what they deserve. This way, it’s good to be not too aggressive or too bold and not to be too kind or too humble. Be in the middle, maintain your self-esteem. Listening others is also considered as your best conversation, and even if you prefer to be quite most of the time while you let others speak. So, understand what others say, so that you can react meaningfully if not frequently.

The way you react is the way your confidence speaks, which relates to low self esteem or to know about how to maintain self-esteem. Your confidence is the way you stick to your words. You said few words confidently means you know much more in detail about whatever few words you said. Your confidence of whatever you said shouldn’t let you down. Yes, if you’re confident that this is the fact, you know better and you’ve confirmed reports. And your knowledge and experience also count, then stick to what you claim. Also understand your weakness, work upon your weakness, speak when required.

Don’t be so anxious or curious to know least valued stuff. Yes, whatever the stuff maybe of least value, but if it’s interesting, go ahead and put your money there. Your money is your time and vice versa according to many experts. There are many ways you can maintain your self-esteem.


Be prepared even before you step out to purchase bread and butter. Maintain your dressing. Maintain your character. Be sympathetic when required. Be bold and clear when required.

Your confidence is one of many strong characteristics, you have in order to maintain good self-esteem. This is how you can keep yourself happy if you’re confident and maintain your self-esteem.   

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