T20 World Cup Captains Beware 1 Best Knock Can Shock You

T20 World Cup Captains Beware 1 Best Knock Can Shock You

The T20 World Cup captains keep all playing eleven to perform at their best to win the trophy, but one best knock can snatch victory. 1 best knock could be from anyone. If you consider India. 1 best knock by KL Rahul or Rohit Sharma or even from Rishabh Pant at his best can do wonders. T20 World Cup captains always try to play sheet anchor role. Even if Virat Kohli picks singles and scores somewhere around 50-60 odd runs at run a ball, that’s too good.

If teams keep losing wickets at the other end including the T20 World Cup captains then 1-best-knock from the best stroke-player would be good enough to win matches.

Every single match counts. You’ve 4-6 best players. You need at least 1-best-knock from each of the 4-6 best players including 1-best-bowler bowls at his best every other match. If T20 World Cup captains see that their teams has all good players then from the opposite sides 1-best-knock or 1-best-bowler can still snatch wins.

Bowlers can win matches and so to say catches win matches too. What if one man from your side too much aggressive and keeps hitting couple of sixes every over to score fastest 80 or more runs? So, the answer is 1 best knock, which would be the game changer. That’s enough from the man of the match if he plays his best knock. Each match will be of your 4-6 best players whether bowlers or batters. You score a total of 180 runs from the allotted 20 overs.

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Captain Cool: Kane Williamson

How Teams Rate Best Players

You’ll think the score is too good to defend. You also want your bowlers to bowl at their best and pick wickets too. Bowlers perform and pick wickets from the other end. 1-man comes at the fall of first wicket and from nowhere chases the target of 181 easily, playing just 1-best-knock. Your score reads 180/4. You’ll be defeated in this way, where you lost to the team, whose score reads 181/8. All failed to bat against your best performing bowlers and got out, still you lost the match because of this one-man.

So, it’s stupid to read a team as good enough to win even if on paper the team looks too good. Yet again 1-best-knock can snatch win for all of them. You as one of the best T20 World Cup captains, where losing can shock you. Isn’t it? Target the attacking best stroke-players first to defend a modest total. Best players are the best players. If they perform at their best not in every game since you’ve more than 4-6 best players in your playing 11. Rate your best players as your match winners. One player or two perform at their level best in each match can win you T20 World Cup 2021. Don’t underestimate a side even if the side has 2-3 best players.

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