Afghanistan Ignores Dew Factor Decides To Bat First

Afghanistan Ignores Dew Factor Decides To Bat First

A nail biting finish round the corner when Mohammed Nabi after winning the toss decided to bat first against Scotland. Scottish captain was happy to lose the toss as Afghanistan ignores dew factor. Dew factors are a bit debatable because once a team decides to bat to put runs on the board then still they can comeback to defend. Wiping the ball and bowling is touch difficult but few captains, who blame dew would learn a lot from this game.

The game of cricket is the battle of playing as good as possible irrespective of the conditions. It’s good for the fans if their country’s captain chooses to bat first because cricket fans want to see batters hitting boundaries. Also when their team comes back to bowl in full strength to defend the target set not so reachable or reachable. This keeps the captain a lot to field second in order to play the best cricket in the first half and in the second half. It means all fingers in the butter. An old saying much related to do a bit after choosing to bat first without having fear of chasing.

Afghanistan ignores dew factor, which is something to know about as key performers in the Afghanistan playing 11 are top spinners. Will they do good or not against not so good team Scotland. Yes, no team need to be taken for granted. Scotland has top players too. Scotland is in super 12 so it means so much for Scotland to win this match.

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