India Looks To Bounce Back On Sunday Against New Zealand

India Looks To Bounce Back On Sunday Against New Zealand

The last Sunday match between India and Pakistan was a loss not too much of panic to look forward. Pakistan did outplayed India with their bowling and then with their batting. India needs to comeback strongly to play against New Zealand, who lost to Pakistan about just 3 days back. New Zealand will be looking desperately for a win while India should think as just another match on just another Sunday. This way, India looks to bounce back on Sunday to play the T20 World Cup match against one of the best cricket teams. Afghanistan will be one and only team for India to beat among the competing sides to find a place in semis.

A tough match would be against New Zealand after that India to play though at their best but against minnows to be among the top two teams of group 2. Today’s match between Pakistan and Afghanistan to begin at 7:30 pm IST. This match would keep India to wait and watch how Afghanistan spinners bowl. And how Pakistan deals with Afghanistan’s top bowling attack. A nice look at Pakistan vs Afghanistan match since India looks to bounce back on Sunday have so much at stake. If Pakistan defeats Afghanistan easily then India will gain more.

The keen contests coming up would be the other way round. New Zealand if manages to defeat buoyant India and best cricket team around the world even then New Zealand have to beat Afghanistan. This way group 2 matches would become too much interesting to watch.

Win Probability

If Pakistan beats Afghanistan tonight as Pakistan also looks favorite to win the World Cup. But again after losing to Pakistan, Afghanistan would fight hard against India on Wednesday (Nov 3 at 7:30PM IST). India would be the favorite for this match against Afghanistan on Wednesday but not so against New Zealand on Oct 31. New Zealand have a decent bowling attack and also can bat deep while Kane Williamson knows the conditions better to play good cricket. The way New Zealand played good cricket against Pakistan and lost in the end have given some hopes for the Kiwis. Kiwis or New Zealand also will try desperately to win the match against India on Sunday.

Desperation to win always knocks a cricket team down. So a battle looks to favor the team, who plays good cricket will be the winning team. Win probability for India against New Zealand keeps hopes alive for India but it looks like New Zealand is a bit more better team. Whoever wins the match on Sunday whether New Zealand or India will be placed at second place in the group 2 next to Pakistan. If India looks to bounce back on Sunday then India have to play by making few changes in the playing eleven which played against Pakistan last Sunday.

India Needs To Make Few Changes If India Looks To Bounce Back On Sunday

Should drop Hardik Pandya and pick Ravichandra Ashwin or Ishan Kishan if not going with 6 bowling options.

We’ve seen so far how spinners and fast bowlers dominated in this T20 World Cup. Pick Shardul Thakur too.

When Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul can hit the ball out of the park so easily then why play only 5 bowlers.

India don’t need to think about losing wickets, and if they think so then again their top six wickets would fall before the 15th over.

If you think batsmen get out and there needs some support then you’re wrong. Top batters need 1-3 good supporting batters in order to play at their best strike rates. So why think about losing too many wickets in quick time and not allowing 6 bowlers in the team to pick wickets? Top bowlers can be the match winners as they’ll be supported with other economic bowlers to carry the momentum. Top batters always perform much better in the key contests. So how can you think if you’ll be 46/6 of the first 10 overs and there needs another batter to score runs quickly?

A team fails if top players fail. There’s no such winning probability to bounce back from a losing battle. If you have to score 16 runs per over and you lost 6 wickets already in the 10th over, which means you need 160 off the final 10 overs. This is unlikely but in cricket anything can happen. Top batters need support rather than other batters coming in and hitting the ball too hard. So if India looks to bounce back on Sunday then play the match against New Zealand with 6 bowlers. That would be good to bounce back and go forward to win the World Cup too.

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