Joe Biden Creating Jobs At Record Pace In America

Joe Biden Creating Jobs At Record Pace In America

Firstly, Joe Biden said: “Thanks to our American rescue plan and a successful vaccine deployment. America continues to add jobs at a record pace. Our economy is on the move”. Joe Biden creating jobs at record pace as he continues to say, but some of the people disagree to him. However, he said: “In October, our economy created 531,000 jobs”. This is well above expectation. He’s so happy that he posted a video on Twitter. Job growth in total has increased to be much more than expected. Job growth has been going on.

Joe Biden creating jobs means America is back on track during the pandemic and after the lockdowns. The fight against the pandemic still not over yet.

Reasonably, India needs to learn from what Joe Biden boldly saying that he’s expecting more jobs will be added. This also arguably different to what India is doing and why India is way behind. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says nothing about adding jobs or helping businesses grow in India. That’s totally opposite to what Joe Biden is doing in America. Yes, the United States of America President Joe Biden was happy to announce creation of jobs.

Some people also didn’t want to hear what Joe Biden said. One of them, a twitter account by the name Sybo said: “We’re still waiting on the student loan forgiveness you ran on. Millions of people voted for you because of it and now nothing”. Moreover when Biden spoke about adding jobs, many were seen and still talking about student loans.

“Sir what about the supply chain? Also since we’re here…what’s the status on these student loans and reparations since you’re trying to cash people out so willy nilly? Clair Underwood replied. Another with a Twitter account name ‘Has Joe Biden forgiven student loans?‘ replied: We need student loan forgiveness today!

This is something which also includes student loans to be forgiven. Hats off to America. Loud applauds to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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