BJP Opposition In Crises If Muslims Vote AIMIM In UP

BJP Opposition In Crises If Muslims Vote AIMIM In UP

Muslim votes are so crucial for most of the opposition political parties of BJP. But at the same time why AIMIM shouldn’t gain momentum by winning at least 10-15 seats. It’s inevitable that BJP will retain power in Uttar Pradesh (UP) if Muslims in large numbers vote AIMIM. If AIMIM wins at least 10 seats then BJP opposition in crises to lose again in 2024 after Uttar Pradesh elections benefit BJP. Uttar Pradesh elections are crucial and most important for BJP to win in anyway. BJP opposition in crises if Muslims vote AIMIM in Uttar Pradesh.

It’s a do or die situation for BJP in UP. BJP will try hard to come up with change of strategy in the next couple of months. AIMIM asks Muslim votes, which puts Muslims in Uttar Pradesh to support AIMIM. Asaduddin Owaisi is the president of AIMIM party and MP of Hyderabad, who prefers to speak in accordance with the constitution. He says that he will not cheat Muslims.

Asaduddin Owaisi is a highly educated person and wants AIMIM to grow. But Muslims in Uttar Pradesh are happy even if troubled a bit. A bit of trouble is better than in deep trouble under BJP for the Muslims of Uttar Pradesh. It’s a gamble for AIMIM to target few seats in Uttar Pradesh as a long-term goal. AIMIM’s strategy is to grow in India with or without putting BJP to gain from what AIMIM leaders speak. They know that BJP always plays a divide and rule policy. But they also criticize other secular or honest parties too.

If Old City’s development crises and other issues like protests for NPR not carried on in Hyderabad, where AIMIM was held responsible. It means AIMIM in Hyderabad couldn’t able to support the protesters against BJP. AIMIM didn’t make happen a Shaheen Bagh like protest in Hyderabad or an another Shaheen Bagh in Hyderabad. This still couldn’t justify whether AIMIM supports Muslims or a B team of BJP.

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