Thursday, November 30, 2023
Omicron Simply Will Enter India In Few Weeks Time

Omicron Simply Will Enter India In Few Weeks Time

Omicron variant can infect even vaccinated people. If people do not wear masks even after vaccination, then they’re in trouble. The deadly variant will not spread more in India if people take care. Taking good care is wearing masks and washing hands frequently. Omicron variant has arrived and it will spread around the world including India. Omicron simply will enter India in few weeks. That’s factual because people aren’t so bothered about staying wherever they’re. Travelling to India from abroad is going on. However, travel ban for South Africa alone not justified. In India, people have become careless and over 60% people not wearing masks.

Many videos of YouTubers also watched in large numbers, where they’re still not wearing masks and speaking to people. The Uttar Pradesh elections are not so far, and everyone including reporters coming too close to people to discuss about opinion polls without wearing masks. People have become careless and people are responsible for another lockdown. People invite lockdowns because lockdown becomes last possible way to stop the spread of the variant. If there’s rapid spread of Omicron variant then lockdown becomes inevitable.

Few states in India have initiated fight against variant Omicron. Imposing quarantine and other basic previous procedures again for travelers from abroad. People visiting India need to be let free to reach their destinations if they go through quarantine. It’s essential for all states in India to adopt such procedures. India will be still safe even if Omicron simply will enter India in few weeks because if India adopts wearing masks again.

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