South Africa Tour Of India Not Likely Due To Omicron Variant

South Africa Tour Of India Not Likely Due To Omicron Variant

First Test match of the three Tests in South Africa on Dec 17 would not be likely. The Dec 17 – 21 Test match at Wanderers stadium in South Africa will not be played as scheduled. More reports awaited. South Africa tour of India also not likely because of the outbreak of Omicron variant. The cricket tour of India to South Africa will be again likely to be shifted to the UAE. The bilateral series SA- India not to be cancelled before the second Test to be played in India against visitors New Zealand.

BCCI will confirm the cancellation of South Africa tour after the second Test against the visiting team New Zealand. It was learned that India vs South Africa series will be played in the United Arab Emirates. South Africa will be the host, but again it depends on South Africa after India opts out. Experts say: “Cricket tour of India to South Africa to be played irrespective of the Omicron variant threat”. Empty stadiums should be arranged for the cricket matches in South Africa. There’s something brewing in both the countries whether to go ahead with the bilateral series or not?

Cricket experts say the pandemic is far from over, and so it would be good if India cancels visiting South Africa. It’s much better to announce cancelling of India’s tour much before preparations speedup in South Africa. All’s not well so far. The noise is far better than keeping silence to come up later without any solution. It’s time to be loud and clear than keep things tight before it becomes too late.

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