Health Insurance Is Good Option For People Of Age Above 50

Health Insurance Is Good Option For People Of Age Above 50

Not necessarily age can be a factor for health issues as some people say old age itself is a disease. However, mostly old age people affected with health issues. There are low percentage of youth and children, who suffer from health issues. Middle-aged people above 50 needs money to live their lives the best. For example, youngsters won’t prefer health insurance because they think that’s waste of money, and nothing is worrisome for them. Primarily, health insurance is good option for people above the age 40 or 50. This is so because they can bear paying monthly somewhere around ₹2000 as they’ll be likely to go through surgeries or heart-attacks.

Health insurance is just like buying a property on installments and then sell it off when money need arises. “You’ve to look out of the box even if you keep yourself fit and fine then it’s again good for you to go for health insurance”. Said Dr. K. Prasad Raju of Care hospitals, Banjara Hills. Dr. Raju is a urologist and organ transplant surgeon. He performs surgeries and is a well-known doctor, who willingly allows patients to say whatever they want to about their health issues. He gives time and understands the patient’s health problem. If surgery required then he suggests and asks every patient whether they’ve health insurance or not.

People if not in their youth then at least in the age groups of 40s and 50s need to go for health insurance. It’s a good option to save money or it’s also good not to keep asking anyone for financial help. “Health insurance companies take care of your entire bills and expenses of medicines too”. An official from health insurance said so.

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