Nurses quitting jobs in America as patients left without proper care

Nurses quitting jobs in America as patients left without proper care

Most of the hospitals in America always look to make money. “Save patients than saving profits”. Say reports. Nurses say that they’ll never work in hospitals, where the ratio of nurses to patients is of panic. The situation of panic created because staff reduced in hospitals for reducing expenses, and so more profits. In America even before the pandemic started nurses had to take care just too many patients. The hospitals want less number of nurses to take care of the COVID patients and so there’s no proper care to the patients in the hospitals of America. The situation of nurses quitting jobs in America is a major untold crises. Money making hospitals are just too many in America as patients even losing lives because of no proper care.

The New York Times opinion claims: “The hospital industry doesn’t want you to know that American hospitals have been intentionally understaffing nurses for decades”. Nurses quitting jobs in America because they’ve to go through lot of work pressure. One patient according to a nurse told her that “please save my life”. She had to take care of another patient and the patient, who told her to save his life, shockingly died. A weeping nurse told so and she quit the job and it’s not surprising that she’ll never work in a hospital.

COVID has put America in crises. The shortage of nurses in America just too much scary to know. “If you don’t have enough nurses in the hospitals then patients likely to die”. Say reports.

Finally Nurses Quitting Jobs Is Major Crises

Double shifts and too many hours of work for the nurses not helpful. What’s required is more number of nurses or just enough nurses, which the hospitals need to know. Look to save lives than reducing staff. Shortage of nurses in America has become a major crises today. Since decades nurses in shortage, but the time currently is just to bad for the patients in the hospitals. Nurses quitting jobs in America seems like a big tragedy, which needs attention.

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