Alert staff closed valves on time as truck carrying cylinder leaked gas

Alert staff closed valves on time as truck carrying cylinder leaked gas

A sudden leakage of CNG gas from a truck carrying cylinders was reported at a HPCL gas station at Abids in Hyderabad on Saturday. However, due to immediate closure of the valves there was no major mishap. It was learned that if the valves not closed on time then that would be too late to avoid a major accident. The alert staff closed valves on time as the truck carrying cylinders leaked gas at the fuel station. One cylinder notably created huge sound. A major incident averted, said eyewitnesses.

Following the leakage of the gas and since there were too many cylinders, a continuous sound was scary. Due to which customers fled away for safety. This resulted some loss to the gas station. The truck carrying gas cylinders left, but customers by seeing gas station vacant preferred not to buy fuel. This continued for an hour more. The staff did their best to organize the gas station to a normalized state. After the cylinders leaked gas from the truck, a blast with sound damaged the gas station little-bit.

No reports claimed that the truck was responsible for the blast. However, the alert staff closed valves on time, did a good rescue act to one and all. Gas station franchisee owner appreciated his staff for their timely two good moves. One to put the valves closed on time, and another to organize the damage by cleaning the gas station. The leakage of the gas created loud sound, damaging the gas station. However, a major blast also not taken place due to the alert staff on duty. Customers were scared and they had to ran for safety. 

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