Umrah pilgrims returns to Hyderabad after first Umrah visit

Umrah pilgrims returns to Hyderabad after first Umrah visit

FIRST INDIAN UMRAH PILGRIMS: Umrah pilgrims returns to Hyderabad after performing first Umrah in about two years from India. Indian Umrah visits were barred since the outbreak of the pandemic. After visiting Saudia Arabia’s top cities like Makkah al-Mukarramah and al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, Umrah pilgrims returns to Hyderabad joyfully. All the pilgrims went to perform Umrah under the guardianship of Hafiz Mohammed Faiyaz Ali of Al Mizan Tours & Travels.

All pilgrims after their first Umrah visit returned to Hyderabad at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Sunday. The Umrah visit for the pilgrims from Hyderabad is the first Umrah visit since revocation of the ban. Meanwhile, Hafiz Mohammed Faiyaz Ali said that this is the first time Zam-Zam water not allowed to carry home. The authorities of the Saudi Airlines didn’t allowed the usual 5 liter Zam-Zam water bottle per person.

Zam-Zam water is the purest form of water and also known to cure various diseases. The holy water never gets expired even if kept for months. People return from Umrah and carry at least 5 liter of Zam-Zam water. Also distribute the water among their friends and relatives. However, Saudi Arabia also prohibits Muslims of other countries not to be in fascination and excitements about creations and signs. However, Umrah pilgrims returns to Hyderabad after performing first Umrah in about two years from India.

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First Umrah Return Muslim speaking to media

Signs & creations not for worshiping

Muslims told to worship the creator and not to get excited over the creations and the signs. This behavior involves committing shirk. Shirk is an unforgivable sin, which is not to worship or give importance more to the signs and creations than the Creator Allah. Almighty Allah is the Creator of everything, which the human-beings make full use of. Muslims have to worship Allah, but not the creations.

Also Muslims need to spread the message of Islam to Non Muslims. Muslims should spread the message of believing in the Oneness of the Almighty in a nice and polite way. If they do so then they’ll be rewarded in the life after death, which is endless. There are many signs around the World still ignored. But Muslims if die without repenting to whatever sins including shirk then that will be their great loss.

Muslims should prefer to go in Paradise or Jannah, which has levels from normal levels to highest levels. The lowest level of Paradise or Jannah also unimaginative and most beautiful dwelling place. If Muslims ignore going to Paradise or Jannah and do bad deeds continuously without repenting then they’ve to bear the unbearable. The unbearable punishment is the opposite to the Paradise or Jannah. This unbearable punishment will be given in the Hell.

Mostly, Muslims from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh get fascinated and excited over the signs. Signs are shown to the mankind to know the oneness of the Almighty. If Non Muslims can’t understand the signs or couldn’t reach to see the signs shown to the World then Muslims need to make them aware of.

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