Ae Log Sach Bolo – Lyrics For All To Know

Ae Log Sach Bolo – Lyrics For All To Know

Ae Log Sach Bolo – just another lyrics, written with intention to keep promoting the true stories, which you would know more about here and be aware of liars…

Ae Log Sach Bolo – O’ People why not speak the truth?

Dil Na Kisi Ka Tum Todo – Why should you hurt anyone?

Kaam Se Kaam Rakho – Should you mind your own business and

Sach Ki Aadath Dalo – Be habituated of speaking truth

Jhoot Kabhi Bhi Na Bolo – Don’t ever say a lie

Hosh Mein Tum Raha Karo – Don’t be so much excited for

Sabar Bhi Tum Karte Raho – Do keep patience too

Zindagi Ka Maqsad Samjha Karo – Know the meaning and concept of life

Der Na Karna Bhool Na Jaana – Don’t be too late and don’t just forget

Dil Ko Na Dukhana Rooht Na Jaana – Never should you be in sadness and don’t get hurt

Sach Ka Saath Dete Rehna – Be always with the truth

Na Bura Karo Kisi Ka Na Bura Kisi Ko Bolo – Don’t be wrong, and do not say wrong

Ae Log Sach Bolo – O’ People speak the truth

Dil Na Kisi Ka Tum Todo – Don’t hurt anyone

In continuation, a bit more below:

Hur Haal Mein Hoti Jeet Jab Sach Ki – In any case, truth wins always at the end

Kehte Rehna Sirf Baat Tum Sachchi – Keep just speaking truthfully

Jhoot Se Faida Hota Nahi – Liars won’t benefit anyway

Dhoka Dekar Kuch Haasil Hota Nahi – Cheaters can’t achieve anything anyway

Paisa Hi Sab Kuch Hota Nahi – Everything is not just money

Jhoot Ko Door Aur Sach Ko Apne Kareeb Karlena – Keep the liars away and be with the truth

Jhoot Ka Saath Dene Se Pehle Kya Hota Anjaam Bass Ye Sonch Lena – Before supporting fake news or a lie, just ask yourself

Nafrat Ki Dhun Mein Na Jiya Karo – Don’t be connected with hatred

Gunahon Se Door Raha Karo – Keep yourself away from all the sins

Ae Log Sach Bolo – O’ People speak the truth

Dil Na Kisi Ka Tum Todo – Don’t hurt anyone

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