Employers Learning From Jobseekers Just Too Many

Employers Learning From Jobseekers Just Too Many

Today the job crazy world is designed in a way, which keeps employers to find not so good candidates at last. Some jobseekers called initially to know how calls could be taken forward to the candidates of the employers’ choice. It’s hurtful because every jobseeker is so crazy that he or she leaves everything to pick the call. The call maybe not for further steps to be taken forward. This is because people desperately want to get hired in order to start working. And so they pick all calls as if these calls would proceed towards interviews. By using (somewhat) this way or some other similar tricks, employers learning after calling jobseekers, but this is agonizing.

Joblessness increased throughout the world since 2020. In India, it was seen a bit earlier, the rise of joblessness started since 2018 in India. People flying to the countries, where they can find suitable jobs, or doing their best in their respective countries. Creative content writers, IT professionals, technical writers, teachers, marketing executives, or people in sales; currently very strong in their abilities. The pandemic made some people learn a lot and work-hard more than the people, who started taking things as they keep coming. Mostly, people have become dependent upon some of their friends or relatives for their survival.

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Don’t Worry. All The Best. You Won’t Be Fired.

Employers enjoying a lot as one job vacancy has, on an average, about 50-60 deserving applicants. The employers also lost a lot, and also they fired their best work-force, just to cutdown expenses. Now, the employers learning to rope in highly talented, educated, experienced and skillful candidates. Their greediness to select the best, turning out as a disaster.

What Employers Learning?

The employers learning from jobseekers just by taking interviews of 40-60 top candidates. Initially, the modus-operandi is to call jobseekers by taking their mobile-numbers from their profiles that they find on job-portals. Mostly, very few candidates prefer a job-change. Why would they look for yet another company to work as a newcomer? They’re happy working wherever they maybe, either doing overtime or in work pressure. They don’t want to be troubled more or suffer more in another company.

Employers Disappoint Top Candidates At Last

The over-smart employers learning to know the “wrong” that all jobseekers actually sitting at homes. However, they keep on asking, “are you looking for a job-change?”. Hypocrisy is redefined. The jobseekers know very well these days that what they mentioned in their resumes (CVs), would be asked. So, they do accordingly too good in their interviews.

The last round whether fourth or fifth, always hurts the jobseekers a lot. Well they already did or doing good in their previous rounds, and the final round after the technical round hurts them. Here, they’ll be asked nothing, but one common question again, “tell me something about yourself”. The excited jobseekers respond so quickly since they’re used to answering such questions. Wasted. The time wasting final round. This is so because the jobseekers will be told that the “final round” feedback will be shared with the team.

They wait for days and weeks and no call would come to them. The reason is simple because by the time (a lot of) gap between previous rounds and the final round would bring some change. This is again because the working employees of this over-smart employers recommend to them their friends or relatives for the jobs in the meantime.

Tired of looking for a job since a longtime? Don’t worry, start your own business. Think twice even though it’s good to do your own business, and also to fulfill your dreams rather than fulfilling someone else’s dream.

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