Middleclass To Suffer More In India

Middleclass To Suffer More In India

Unlike or similar to what’s happening in Sri Lanka, poor people in India have no answer. They take things as they come because of what told to them, they believe and live in trouble. The trouble to poor people would not shake India because most of the poor people in India are voiceless. They live with rising prices, and hunger. However, Middleclass to suffer more in India in the coming few months to few years. Experts warn that a similar situation in India when compared to Sri Lanka would take a longtime, but Middleclass to suffer more.

If people in India think that economies around the world in crises, and so India is doing not bad, then it’s again nuisance. India’s economy was worse even before the pandemic, and now it reached somewhere towards the start of major downfall.

They say India is feeding the world with the export of wheat. Here, if you keep an eye over the price of wheat or Atta, you’ll notice the steep rise in wheat or Atta prices. It’s good if India keeps exporting wheat or Atta in lesser amount or quantity. But if more amount or quantity of wheat or Atta, which India keeps on exporting then, soon within a year later, India have to import wheat or Atta. That means prices of wheat or Atta would increase further. There’s a rise of prices including essential commodities, which the Middleclass would not bear.

The Main Part Begins…

The poor people have a reason to live by begging or doing daily wage jobs. End of the day, poor people do not complain. They’re happy to sleep hungry or having something else, not so good in taste or whatever. The Middleclass always keeps an eye towards better lives than before. The Middleclass wants to forget the past and reach their short-term and long-term goals. They’ve no such access or limited access to reach their goals, to add up in their struggle. The survival of the fittest logic, would not help the Middleclass anymore.

Fake Reports & Islamophobia In India

The rise of Islamophobia in India has nothing to do with the sufferings of the Muslims in India. It’s a game to gain from majority’s favor. How long this would continue? This would just help more number of voters to vote one political party, which’s not doing any good or even not concerned about the jobless Middleclass. The idea is based upon ignoring minority’s votes, which are lower in number and going along with the majority. That’s the way, where India will be in deep trouble unless the majority wakes up soon or in about a year or two.

Everything is preplanned, the television media more concerned and covers whatever wrong a few Muslims do and repeatedly runs the show. However, at the same time they hide the wrongdoing folks from the majority, coming even with fake reports to dismiss the claims, which go sometimes viral on social media. Poor Muslims are targeted on large scale and some of the rich Muslims will be given bail after sometime since the rich Muslims also not proved as guilty.

Do you know how many poor Muslims killed in India everyday? Just dozens. So they say, a genocide of Muslims in India is round the corner in India. The genocide would not take place.

Fake reports and fake story movies would likely to target Muslims in India like what happened in Sri Lanka. Thus, if Middleclass to suffer more in India then it would be in sometime, the destruction of India from all corners. Wait and watch game is over. You’ve to realize now and take action otherwise India will be in deep trouble along with the most valuable class, the Middleclass.

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