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Egg In Uneatable Shawarma Creates Panic To Order Online

Egg In Uneatable Shawarma Creates Panic To Order Online

Several people coming forward to say, ordering food online is “waste of money”. It was also noticed since people blindly order food of their choice using online-door-delivery-apps. One reason is, restaurants in India won’t care much about food-delivery-apps’ customers whether Swiggy or Zomato. The other main reason is; if certain food items unavailable, restaurants try mixing up masala-with-egg, and so on. This issue come to our notice, which was going on since about six months; when boiled egg in uneatable Shawarma delivered by Zomato.

It’s not a rare problem, you’ll notice everywhere in India soon because restaurants trying hard to make money out of nothing. No proper care taken when customers order online, not connected or concerned to expose these tactics. They won’t have much time to either report the matter to the online food delivery apps or the restaurant owners. In general, there’s a sheer waste of money including waste of time.

A tough time when people have to comprise, not willing takeaways instead of ordering food online. Ordering food online have become worst, and it also goes like, “let’s see this time”. People give second chance to their choicest restaurants by using online-food-delivery-apps, but they get shocked again. Even after learning from the lessons, people now have become silent because of laziness.

However, some of them have no choice, but to consume whatever raw food available at home without bothering taste. Home-made-food always will be hygienic otherwise. Moreover, the availability of fruits or nuts, possibly consumed by some hungry people at home these days. The slogans like “eat tasty food for happiness” has been out of the equation so far.

Why Egg In Uneatable Shawarma?

Usually, Shawarma outlets find heavy rush anytime between 2: pm until late night. The staff have to attend all customers even online door-delivery-apps during rush hours. The priority always be given to in person customers by excluding in person Swiggy or Zomato food delivery executives.

Who will ask the restaurants for whatever food, they deliver to the third parties? Yes, the third party or online customers never wish to visit the restaurants to complain. They sometimes do so with Swiggy or Zomato. The culprits for such waste of money are these mentioned lazy online customers, who prefer to sit at home.

Secondly, food-delivery-apps and then the restaurants too. But the restaurants want to make money because they’re selling food at very low cost. The cost of gas, raw materials, labor, and much more, are on a rise.

Rising prices allowing businesses to push towards tricking their customers. There are many such examples like egg in uneatable Shawarma or Chicken Lollypops delivered as chicken curry. What some restaurants do would be somehow to create a food dish out of food-wasted by the in-person dining-in customers. This looks horrible, but they also make food items out of raw material wastage since a longtime, which is another story.

Outside food if exposed more then everyone in India would prefer to eat whatever food available at home. So, let’s stop here.

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