Imran Riaz Khan Feels Fine After Poisoned In Police Custody

Imran Riaz Khan Feels Fine After Poisoned In Police Custody

“That’s disgusting. Fascist govt using cheap tactics again. He is not a criminal or some court convicted culprit. He is a patriotic journalist. Can we label him as traitor coz he speaks for Pakistan. Are we living under martial law? (Sic). Tweeted Abubakar Farooq, a close friend of the senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan.

However, the senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan feels fine. He always used to try speaking confirmed reports through his YouTube videos. That’s how Pakistan going in deep trouble ever since Imran Khan former Prime Minister of Pakistan left the office. The new govt under Shahbaz Shareef doing more harm to Pakistan, which many people say “a fascist govt”.

Another friend of Imran Riaz Khan said (Edited): “He has been stopped on airport traveling to Dubai for lab tests, which confirms he was poisoned during police custody”. One of the strong and an able researcher to produce YouTube videos”.

He confirms a lot before reaching more than a million viewers on YouTube. Imran Riaz Khan fortunately, is better now since he was poisoned during police custody in Pakistan. It’s proven fact according to the doctors of #ImranRiazKhan that he was poisoned during the detention by period by Police.

The matter come to the notice of In-Hand-Writer since people so concerned in Pakistan for the recovery of the senior journalist. Prayers for him in large numbers doing the rounds. He was about to fly Dubai, and he’s now of late, feeling fine though he was having some internal health issues. This, earlier made the doctors to treat him.

The doctors say he was poisoned during police custody. The trend on Twitter going on as #ImranRiazKhanPoisoned, and so we’ve this report for you. So far Imran Riaz Khan has 3.3M followers on Twitter and more than this number on YouTube.

Imran Riaz Khan, Pakistan, Senior Journalist
Smiling while arrested for no fault

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