Zubair Case To End On July 20 As Bail To Alt News Cofounder

Zubair Case To End On July 20 As Bail To Alt News Cofounder

Alt news Cofounder and fact-checker, who also exposes fascism with his ‘bold tweets’. Works all the time to check even those “facts”, which go viral to spread hatred claiming truth over falsehood. Justice Chandrachud says Zubair case to end: “We will list this petition for interim bail till day after tomorrow. We say no precipitative action be taken against Zubair till day after tomorrow in all 6 FIRs”. According to Bar & Bench.

It was asked at the last minute a last question: “I did not want your lordships to invest a lot of time in this matter?”. Justice Chandrachud smiles and says “matter over, to be listed on July 20”. This means Mohammed Zubair case to end on July 20 and he’ll be released on bail from the jail. However, it’s not likely to say this as a good news to Zubair supporters.

The sufferings that Zubair had to go through, means a lot than hurting angry hate-spreaders, whose blood is boiling to hear this. They know, if Zubair is released again, then their hate-factory won’t work or they’ll not continue to spread hatred.

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