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Rohit Sharma new approach to be tried only on 3 batters

Rohit Sharma new approach to be tried only on 3 batters

Suryakumar Yadav is riding on the waves with an impeccable 76 off 44 balls in his last T20I. But it’s required to protect him along with couple of others. Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, and Rishabh Pant need no lessons from Rohit Sharma new approach, which is to play aggressively even if wickets keep falling. Already these three batters play aggressively, once they’re set. The new template or the new approach needs to be tried on just 3 other batters.

If #Suryakumaryadav or SKY gets-out, carrying Rohit Sharma new approach, then the run-rate would fall instead of rising high. Once, SKY consumes few balls to settle in, he would be a dangerous player. The run-rate with his strike-rate will keep on rising. Thus, it’s better to try this new approach method or template upon just 3 other batters. Just leave the experienced hard hitters Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant alongside rising SKY.

Aggressive New Approach On Which 3 Players

Rohit Sharma can try this aggressive new approach upon 3 other experienced batters. Firstly, upon #ViratKohli, who is out of form if he’s picked in the playing 11. Secondly, on another experienced player #KLRahul if he’s fit and in playing 11. Next or thirdly, yet another experienced player, who is still out of form, it’s himself, #RohitSharma.

However, Hardik Pandya recently told that he finds this new approach much better and to play freely, he credits Rohit Sharma. But then again #HardikPandya need not take this new approach seriously. Play with team effort, and just do not try becoming overnight heroes. A team effort much required than lower-order players also playing with aggressive intent.

This new approach needs an amendment. This is so because after the fall of 4 wickets in 6-8 overs, it’s horrible to see each-player coming-in and getting-out. But it’s not necessary that the team will be bowled out, scoring a low total.

The Rohit Sharma new approach is good for a fighting total, but need not be applied upon all the players. Big wins are always threatening, and so with this new approach, India hardly could win BIG. A fighting total always scary for the bowlers to battle hard. It’s good if the new approach applied upon just 3 other batters as mentioned here or not.

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