Mohammed Hameed Uzzaman Wins Silver Medal In Shooting

Mohammed Hameed Uzzaman Wins Silver Medal In Shooting

The 8th Telangana State level shooting competition in the masters category concludes with a surprise. The surprise candidate is none other than Hyderabad’s shooter, a resident of Akbar Bagh (Malakpet area). Mohammed Hameed Uzzaman wins silver medal in shooting, and happily says to In Hand Writer about his achievement. “It’s a proud moment for me when people, who were there including my friends shouted “Hameed! Hameed!. I’m delighted though my ambition was to win gold medal”.

His family is delighted to see him this way, achieving something after a longtime of hard work in his respective realty job in Hyderabad. His hobby of shooting, have made him to move a step further.

Hameed is now, a 49 year old gentleman. He has lot of friends, and he’s highly impressive with his good manners, helping nature and he’s always fond of reading a lot. His habit reading, have made him learn more about what to do and in which way. Born in the year, 1973, Hameed is looking forward to do more in other fields too. He’s moving forward because of his hardworking nature.

Give him a job, he will definitely do that for you. Not sure? Meet him and talk to him. How? Just comment below, at the end of your complete view or a good read of this post. In Hand Writer would reply to you ASAP with his contact details. Do not forget to read more other articles here. Keep reading and do enjoy the fun of reading as Hameed used to do and he still never leaves off the opportunity to read. Whatever, wherever or any information, he will surely go through it at a time even along with his friends, having tea or something else.

The Event’s 36 secs Video Below:


The man, who was known to In Hand Writer since decades, made Hyderabad proud, particularly his neighborhood area Akbar Bagh. It’s also a proud moment for all his friends to come forward and appreciate him as he achieved a silver medal.

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Mohammed Hameed Uzzaman showing silver medal along with his kids & near ones.

A dream in the beginning in his youth for him, but he was in the United Kingdom for about 11 years. He landed in Hyderabad in the year 2012. He used to visit Hyderabad not so frequently, but once in every two years from the UK.

However, he resumed his passion of the sports of shooting and gave an impetus to his career in this field, which people often ignore. He tried multiple times to achieve this feat since a decade and finally he has done it, for himself, his family, relatives, friends. And the people of Hyderabad, particularly those from his area Akbar Bagh. A memorable achievement for him.

Mr. M. Hameed Uzzaman standing on the left side. Medals were given as gold (1), silver (2) & bronze (3) to the winners in the masters shooting category. (

Mohammed Hameed Uzzaman wins silver medal and he’s from our Telangana State’s city of Hyderabad. People from Hyderabad do wonders and so many others do follow. There’s a lot of talent in Hyderabad, which keeps Telangana State to conduct such events like Telangana State’s shooting competition. This was the 8th edition in the masters category. Many thanks to the Chief Minister of Telangana State, K. Chandrashekhar Rao.

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  1. Hi, adise to u, always the person who wins the highest medal ie Gold his introduction is given first then the following medal achievers introduction but u have not done tht in this case, very sad and poor gesture.

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