Divided India To Celebrate Independence Day On Aug 15

Divided India To Celebrate Independence Day On Aug 15

What could be the 75th year consistently India have been year by year celebrating the independence day on Aug 15? You wake up and you sleep and in the middle you judge people blindly. What you are up to? Don’t you think, you belong to the other side of India, not just a part of India? Yes, in the divided India, you maybe cheering for Congress, BJP, AAP or TMC, etc.? What makes you to not think about a peaceful India to progress with Unity in the diversity.

If anyone highlights some bad incidences on a troubled innocent’s life or some hate-speeches, the divided India has multiple opinions. One side of India criticize the one, who brings in to the notice of very few by sharing how this happened? Why this man beaten so badly? What is the police doing here? Some others say either in support of the innocent or keep quite.

This allows fake factories to create fake posts to support criminals

The fake posts and the fake fact-checks start operating and then ends up to sideline the rise of poverty and joblessness. The rise in the prices of the necessities in India would be ignored. It’s annoying to know how could BJP say a word on the 75th independence day of India? The fake and showoff factory of the BJP have put India in deep trouble.

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A nonsensical person can only support BJP by losing everything. Just keeping hatred in the mind, nothing nutritious to eat, and so nothing good to speak. Right? Just these people keep supporting BJP, but until what time? The bad times for India are not too far if the fake posts or the fake factories of BJP not exposed.

Still people say, why? India’s economy growing fast, the GDP on a higher side? No! Not at all. The wrong figures in your mind for you to believe because of so much higher the fake factories, who keep working in India to create fake posts.

Mocking with fake posts increasing

Liars spread across India just to say my cast is very good and the other cast is wrong, unlike saying: “I’m a very good Indian, and I follow so and so religion, and I want a peaceful India”.

Cast is used here not religion because no one has more than 10% knowledge of their own religion. This is so because good knowledge of one’s own religion, keeps the person speak truth, always. Speak good and behave nicely with everyone. He or she would have no time to argue, and just would depend upon what’s provided to them and be thankful of and keep worshiping”. As told by one scholarly person to In Hand Writer.

Moreover, these people prefer their cast to be arrogant to the other cast rather than live in Unity in the diversity.

If one cast abuses the other, their supporters cheer for the one, who abuses people of the other cast, and the hatred continues.

Divided India of the 2 sides

Look at one side of India praising and supporting the oppressors. The oppressed people and their supporters if come forward to speak against the injustice, which they’ve gone through, then the other second side mocks at them. No one cares a lot to learn what’s good. They spend weekends in full of joyful and funny activities.

In some rare cases, the jobless join their working friends and they enjoy their weekends. This is to say that even though people in India have ample time whether working or not they do not want to know the truth. In fact; they hide the truth because fake posts often pleases them.

Life is a test to know, how you’ve spent it. You’ll be asked what life you lived in which way, the wrong way or the right way. You can’t say anything, but ask for one more chance to go back in the world after your death.

You won’t be provided with another chance since whatever life you’ve lived, you’ve to answer what good you did, and why you ignored or concealed the truth. Your Creator or the Lord of the worlds always watching you. The Almighty knows what your intentions, and what you conceal or what you conceal not. It’s all watched which in every second, everything going on in everyone’s life. Still you’ll be asked even after knowing all that you did.

Divided India needs to know 2 ways

There’s surely heaven and hell. If you ignore heaven, you won’t be in the paradise rather you’ve to bear the torment of the hell, and you’ll dwell in hell or for sometime. Why this is so? This is so because one couldn’t imagine how pleasurable and beautiful is heaven or you can say paradise, which you ignored by not following the truth. So then, what will you get? You deserve hell because you didn’t worked hard in your life to ask for heaven?

If you do wrong, you’ll get worst in the end. If you do good, you’ll get the best in the end. Yes, including heaven and hell, there’s the judgement day to come later anytime, which after the end of this world. The beginning of an endless life in painfulness or in peace after the death of this shortest life.

You’ll be given life after your death on the judgement day, and you’ll be asked. Though some of you won’t believe in heaven or hell and even the not yet seen Creator or the Almighty, but what’s wrong in believing?

Summary just more about believing

Believe and see the world from your eyes and imagine nothing could be made by itself. So, how could be this world, you, me and those, who passed away, and the sun, moon, stars, etc. exist? How is it possible for the entire world including all living beings to be made by itself? No, so think and realize and be good to everyone instead of mocking at others.

You’ll be surely in a denying mood, but what if certain good teachings with no out of context if you go through and learn and follow. If it comes true and then you would be in trouble if you do not believe.

Why would you care because you can’t believe the “perfection”, but you would believe people, who criticize others. Let’s not forget that we need to let others live peacefully too. Live and let others live. Won’t you go this way, then decide which way you want to go? There are just 2 ways, and so choose one.

The bottom line is if you do not believe or you’re not a believer then why hate one religion. Hate all the religions or learn at least the fastest growing religions and know the truth. Else, if you follow any religion, then you have to respect all religions, which is what all religions teach. Use your common sense.

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