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Biggest Pakistan fan from India reacts this way

Biggest Pakistan fan from India reacts this way

Whatever she does, she does without worrying about her penchant to love Pakistan, might hurt Indians. In fact, some Indians too appreciate her and watch her YouTube videos. But she’s popular in Pakistan, and so her intent always shows that she supports Pakistan. She is Nidhi Sharma, the biggest Pakistan fan from India uploads a couple or more YouTube videos everyday.

The more love of Pakistan (she being from Rajasthan) she shows, the more people from Pakistan watch her videos without skipping a bit. Pakistani people are mostly her YouTube channel’s subscribers and they like her a lot and call her sister too.

Theme of her being so much involved in exploring Pakistan’s beauty and cricket, is her main say. She just loves Pakistani cricketers and Pakistanis as well as Pakistan. Her clean, beautiful and clear voice, plays a major role to express her views. Although it looks, she completely ignores Indian cricket fans, but her beauty also tells a different story. The beauty with brain is her strength.

Nidhi Sharma through her YouTube channel “Kelaya Reacts”, reacts in a way, which might look abnormal to most of the Indians. She’s the biggest Pakistan fan determines that she have one way to speak, which is to speak about Pakistan. That’s a lot as she likes all Pakistani cricketers.

Why she’s the biggest Pakistan fan?

Her favorite Pakistani cricketers are Muhammad Rizwan, Naseem Shah, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Babar Azam. She says Rizzi Bhai to Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan. As she keeps on speaking, it looks she loves Pakistan a lot. She also wants India to win cricket games, but in a subtle way. She talks sports, mainly cricket and about the beauty of Pakistan more often.

If you ask her why she’s the biggest Pakistan fan? She will tell you leave all the political differences aside and just spread love. Many a times, few people consistently tell her to make videos on Indian cricketers. But she won’t do so. This way, she attracts Pakistanis and gains more views from Pakistan on her YouTube channel.

So far, her channel gained 724K subscribers with just1,256 videos. For business enquiries, contact her at kelayareacts@gmail.com. Type “Kelaya reacts” on YouTube to watch her speak. In any case, her videos are interesting to watch.

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