How To Feel Relaxed With No Music No Smoking No Drinking

How To Feel Relaxed With No Music No Smoking No Drinking

You might be thinking a lot over how to feel relaxed since you want to get out of boredom, and tense-mind. Usually, a tense-mind would drag you to do something different. Boredom always keeps you to go with those habits, you would love to be habituated of. This means good or bad habits would be too good if they get rid of your boredom and ease your tense-mind. So why don’t you keep all the good habits with you to keep yourself busy or too much busy.

It’s not necessary that you’ll love music and still want to listen to music all the time or smoke and drink. In the context of how to feel relaxed, you’ll know something strange and at the end you’ll be happy. Being happy of, is just to be relaxed. You maybe all through the experiences of smoking, drinking or listening to music, right? Sexual pleasure is just for a time, and after sometime, you can’t do that repeatedly.

So, you’ve to know something good and as a permanent solution to get rid of boredom or ease your tense-mind. Else, you would experience depression. That’s something, which would keep you addicted to anti-depressants (pills). That’s not good for your health or for your body parts like lungs, liver, etc. You need to be more focused towards keeping yourself busy at all the time. You’ve the right to have a good sleep of about 7-8 hours in the 24-hour-cycle. You can meet people, who understand you and are likeminded.

With No Music & Still How To Feel Relaxed…

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The choice is yours to keep yourself away from music, smoking, drinking, etc., and still be relaxed. That’s how things go well with some people, who ignore all-bad and want to experience all-good. No one is forcing you to stop listening to music, smoking or drinking, but how to feel relaxed without all this, is a clear topic here.

You might love music and at times, you listen music and watch the music shows or stage music programs. You’ll be delighted as you know some people say music soothes your soul. So, you believe in souls and the life-death principle and the worldly life and also the hereafter. The hereafter is the life after death, which is endless. Death would be no more from there once you’ll be brought back to life and questioned, how you lived your life in the world.

It sounds silly because the Creator of the worlds, every soul and everything; knows you very well and always watching. So, you still be questioned for your good and bad deeds. This makes sense since the Creator asks you by knowing everything you did, and you’ve no choice, but to answer. This is so because if you ignore the path leading you towards paradise then there’s another path, which leads you towards hell.

Don’t want to go to paradise or dwell in there with the most joyful unending life, which you can’t even imagine, then taste the punishment of hell. This punishment of hell, where in hell you would dwell forever or for sometime according to your deeds. Right? So, let’s know why music can let you down?

Can Music Let You Down

Anything too much is harmful. The expert scholars or the philosophers say that too much is too bad, just for anything. However, there are few things, which you would love to do repeatedly and without harming yourself. One, who does good, benefits himself or herself. The one, who does bad, harms himself or herself.

The few things include your working hard to achieve something or helping the poor or the needy. Also, ready to answer to the people, who do not know the principles of life to live practically. The practical way, itself says: Work, Worship, Sleep, and don’t be sad. If you’re not sad then you won’t need anything like music at all.

The above points here, related to, too much listening of music, which is obviously harmful. It would lead you somewhere, to such places, where you would commit major sins. If you listen music and attend musical events, you would be offered drinks. You would be intoxicated at any such occasion at some part of your life, and you’ll end up to commit crimes.

Crimes or criminal activities are directly proportional to the sins. The more crimes you do the more sinful you become. You would say then that how to feel relaxed as music soothes the soul and is good to listen music? The question itself has an answer given earlier, where if there’s too much listening to music, you’ll not remember the Creator, the Almighty. Hence, if you won’t remember the One, who created you to test you then how would you be relaxed?

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Why No Smoking Not Possible

Smokers say no smoking is not possible. Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking is a bad habit. Look at the figure that at least 10% of women do not indulge in bad habits throughout the world belonging to any community. Successful people would remain as non-smokers throughout their lives. They won’t have anything to achieve. Also, they can quit smoking easily than strugglers, or those, who want to achieve something or in the process of achieving their goals. It’s tough to give up or quit smoking, but it’s possible. So, the question here, saying why no smoking not possible itself includes no smoking.

How then or how to feel relaxed with no smoking or quitting it? Patience and strong believes. The more you think, the more likely for you to not quit smoking.

You need to decide whether smoking or no smoking genuinely have more benefits than harm. If this is so you can do so. There are several examples of chain-smokers quitting and going along well with all good habits. Exclude alcohol abuse from here. Let’s know about this.

No Drinking & Still How To Feel Relaxed

Smoking is harmful or injurious to you and unto you, not to others if people aren’t around you. However, consumption of alcohol in the form of wine, beer, etc. would let others suffer too. Firstly, there are many examples to set you right if you drink and drive on just one occasion out of thousands of such occasions when you were drunk.

The slogans like; “if you can’t quit drinking, quit driving”, “if you can’t skip drinking then skip driving” or “don’t drink and drive”, etc. You’ll follow all these, but do you know you can harm others by drinking not by smoking in an isolated areas like your own home’s balcony.

You would think drinking once in a week or enjoying the weekend is worthful and you deserve. But here you’ll be harming your spouse, your family members and many more. However, how to feel relaxed still by no drinking? Just think how alcohol prepared for drinking other than as a medicine or a perfume.

You’ll likely to commit crimes or even to the extent of assaulting women sexually by your drinking habit. These are all bad things and also if these include that alcohol is also injurious to health even then these factors won’t encourage you to quit drinking.

One Good Reason

Quitting alcohol for a solo reason of worshiping the Creator, the Almighty and avoiding bad deeds to pile up, will be the best. This is the best reason for you to quit drinking, and be relaxed without addicted or saying no to drinking throughout your life time. You don’t need to be in a state of worry or be sad.

Don’t be sad and try your best to live a life full of joy by saying no to drinking and no to bad habits forever. You can still enjoy the food and enjoy the company of good people like your friends and relatives.

You’ll love the life, which is you in your own style by saying no to drinking. No bad habits. All good to do. Nothing more than this. Above all, fasting as a good deed or just intermittent fasting would definitely help you to quit all bad. You’ll be so relaxed, once you break the fast after completing the day, dutiful to the Almighty, keep praying and so on.

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