How Muslims give importance to Fajr Prayer

How Muslims give importance to Fajr Prayer

Fajr prayer or Fajr Salah is the first of the five obligatory prayers. All five prayers or Salah are compulsary for any Muslim whether blind, handicapped, young or old. The middle prayer is Asr. Ayat 238 of the Qur’an, sura 2 (Al-Baqara), emphasizes that the Asr prayer should be performed at all costs. The Asr prayer is the middle prayer in the Qur’an, and the 103rd chapter of the Qur’an is also called al-Asr. The five times of prayer are not explicitly written in the Qur’an, but they are implied. For example, Surah 11, Ayat 114-114, reads, “And establish the Prayer at the two ends of the day and in the first hours of the night”.

However, a 2 rakat shorter Sunnah prayer before the Farz Fajr prayer is greater than all the wealth in this world. So, imagine how much greater would be the reward for the (obligatory) Farz Fajr prayer. Here, the context of how Muslims give importance to Fajr prayer, should not be just to know. But to realize and correct a bit from here and a bit from there with authenticity, so that we learn Islam and follow the truth righteously.

There are various talks and lectures on YouTube about Islam. But is it not good to understand few significant rulings of Islam by reading. Gaining knowledge for every Muslim is necessary, according to Islam. We know very well that Islam is based upon five pillars.

  1. Oneness of Almighty Allah (Laa iLaha iL’Allah: There is no god, but Allah), and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the servant and the last messenger of Allah. There were many messengers sent to different regions, nations, but Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was sent to the whole humanity to this whole world until the end of this world.
  2. Salah (5 time prayers)
  3. Fasting (in the month of Ramadan)
  4. Zakat (Charity)
  5. Haj (if capable to perform)

All the above 5 pillars are must for a Muslim to be, and to follow. So, how Muslims give importance to Fajr prayer or Fajr Salah? Most of them in India, get so much disappointed that after missing their Fajr Salah, they won’t pray Zuhr (afternoon prayer), Asr (middle & evening prayer), Maghreb (the sunset prayer). Also then, they go to sleep without offering the night (Isha’n prayer), and in agony, feeling sad.

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This Fajr prayer or Salah is so dear to all Muslims around the world that if they offer Fajr prayer, they would be so much delighted, and they automatically wake up in the late night. They would be guided then to pray the Tahajjud (the late night prayer). However, the reward of praying Isha’n, the fifth prayer in congregation in a Masjid is like one has worshiped, half the night. And the reward of praying Fajr prayer in congregation in a Masjid is like one has worshiped, the entire night.

So, would you like to miss any of the two prayers? Simply no. Also, Asr, Zuhr and Maghreb too, are Farz: means, a must. It takes a lot, but it becomes easy if you make a habit of praying all five time prayers in a Masjid. Finally, if anyone know the reward of offering prayer (Salah) in Masjids, they would come to the Majid so desperately that even if it takes for them to crawl.

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