When Anushka Revealed Kohli Was Not Her First Choice

When Anushka Revealed Kohli Was Not Her First Choice

Anushka Sharma categorically hints Virat Kohli in her list of choices, which means she is indeed a celebrity. Also on a higher rank than Kohli. Looking at the report which says when Anushka revealed Kohli was not her first choice, you might ask then who? An argument which could possibly showcase her loyal friend Shah Rukh Khan, and even Ranbir Kapoor not in her list of choices. Who was her first choice when Anushka revealed Kohli is her best hubby. This means what? Kohli is the best person to be her best hubby. That’s it, right? So, the argument goes along to become interesting.

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This is not the way to make others know that you’re superior than your better half. A better half is always better since it says a better half. When Anushka revealed Kohli was not her first choice, it was exciting for the Bollywood reporters to keep writing down whatever she would say while she was about to take a flight. She was caught and told to answer few questions. She did so, in a quick-time.

That was not all, you should believe, but in 2019 Kohli together with Anushka yet again revealed that he and she have become vegetarians (not vegans). Will this hurt vegans since Virat Kohli consumes a dozen eggs and 1.5L of milk. The vegans stay away from milk, and its products alongside eggs.

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Well, both vegans and veggies are welcome to the non-veg people since because of them as they think, meat prices won’t go up. If everyone consumes non-veg, the demand would rise and so the prices of meat would rise. So, why vegans and vegetarians welcome not the non-veg people and cry foul over them. This is going to be another story.

Coming back to when Anushka revealed Kohli was not her first choice, it seems to be her personal matter. So, should we not keep ourselves away from anyone’s personal affairs since they’re married now and have kids too.

When Anushka revealed Kohli, Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Celebrity couple

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