Siraj to fly Australia for T20 World Cup

Siraj to fly Australia for T20 World Cup

Are you in so much doubt over whom should replace Jasprit Bumrah? The T20 World Cup for India to play Pakistan is not far away and India to start as favorites. The T20 World Cup to start from Oct 16. India to play Pakistan in their first encounter on Oct 23. It’s not bad to know that Mohammed Siraj to fly Australia for the 2022 T20 World Cup. Also, isn’t this fair enough call for the 28 year old?

There’s no other young bowler to replace Bumrah than Siraj, who’s currently bowling so well to keep the Proteas in check. The ODI series explains, how well Siraj bowling at a good speed along with good line and good length.

India also would look towards for their most experienced faster bowler Mohammed Shami. Shami haven’t been in the scene since a longtime. He’s short of game-time, which means Shami haven’t played T20 or ODIs since over 6 months.

A gap of 6 months to not play international white-ball cricket; itself shows a lot to purchase. There’s a lot to offer in Australia for Mohammed Shami, Avesh Khan and Mohammed Siraj. But Siraj to fly Australia immediately after he plays South Africa if India wins the ODI series.

There’s lot to take from ODI series for India to pick a bowler as a replacement to Bumrah. White-ball cricket is white-ball cricket and consistent performers would be uplifted at least to make in the squad.

It’s not surprising that Siraj will be selected even if India loses the ODI series against South Africa. He would be there in Australia for the T20 World Cup, but to not play a game. Bowling always is not India’s strength in every international game, the batters come in between to rescue India.

Siraj to fly Australia, but Shami not in the frame

Talk about Kuldeep Yadav still in all eyes as he can be the go to bowler. Certainly not Avesh Khan. Mohammed Shami did well in Australia in past, but he’s not in the frame. With Kuldeep Yadav as surprise, India can strengthen the bowling attack, having multiple spin bowlers. Yet, India can go with two faster bowlers and three or more spin bowling options.

Axar Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ravichandran Ashwin, and Deepak Hooda in the kitty already, for the T20 World Cup 2022. Yet, India would look for K. Yadav too, if not M. Siraj. The absence of Jasprit Bumrah should pull India up to become stronger.

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There’s no sense if Bumrah’s replacement would not come as an advantage or rather to not miss him too much. Injury concerns would be there, but right before the big tournaments every player tries his best to be fit and do practice hard. However, M. Siraj to fly Australia is a good news than M. Shami flying there.

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