People teach depression affected persons not this way

People teach depression affected persons not this way

It’s ideally not necessary to teach depression affected persons or children any which way if you aren’t a psychiatrist. However, people teach depression affected persons at the wrong times, which can create trouble. Be nice and be kind to the people, who suffer from any disease.

Take special care of the people suffering from mental sickness like depression, schizophrenia, etc., and because these people are special. They can be so much successful in their lives if you just be kind to them. They’re the most intelligent people, and so be nice to them.

Depression can affect anybody or just one in 100. The study says, some people can be affected by depression severely. This means, for some people it might be severe and for some others just mild. A healthy baby passing through infant age to an age of about 10, would be also affected by depression. People teach depression affected children or adults using words, which can be absurd at times.

Absurd in the sense that you can’t teach a person, who’s on medication because of depression by using words too harsh. He or she would be hurt just too much than a normal ordinary person. Here, you would know that a normal person is just an ordinary person than those affected by depression or schizophrenia.

Are you a psychiatrist to teach depression affected people how to behave? No! So, don’t just hurt the people suffering from any disease. Just be kind to all the patients.

People teach depression affected abnormally

A normal person would rub off the wound and carry on, when hurt by the use of words. But people, who look normal and affected by depression, still would be on medication, and they’ll be deeply hurt. They take things not so easily because at least 10 to 15 years of their healthy or normal life, washed away. The scenario would be to know, and realize since the depression affected person might be your brother or sister.

They might be not suffering from depression at a time since medicines like the antidepressants keep them alive. They would be alive because they fight to live and ignore attempting suicides because of their health issues. Yes, they would attempt suicides when someone close to them like a brother or a sister hurts them a lot. The use of rudeness against them matters a lot.

You’re doing more harm than teaching them to follow what you do in an orthodox way. Your orthodox way of making them, do what you do, itself means, you teaching them, abnormally.

What happens when your son or daughter face such health issue? You’ll be so nice and take her to the best doctor. But in case of your young brother or sister, you would just keep the lowest margin of error. Yes, love in between the siblings quite different to the love between you and your spouse or children. However, you need to understand; what are their wants and if you can easily fulfil their wants or needs. Otherwise be kind.

Celebrity Deepika Padukone’s depression story in short

Depression started affecting people more since 1960s, and now it’s affecting more people. Generally, people won’t disclose about their mental illness like depression, schizophrenia, etc. Somehow, celebrities if go through a bad phase in life, disclose or reveal that, just for their own reasons of how they experienced the hardships. Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actress suffered from depression few years back.

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Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone

Deepika also couldn’t realized what’s going wrong with her. During a shoot, and at the sets, she after finishing a scene, pictured on her and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan was caught weeping profusely.

Her parents caught her weeping or crying as tears were flowing from her eyes. They recognized that this is something, which their daughter won’t do. And so they took her to a doctor. From there she started breathing good-life.

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She’s still on medication and she’s happy too. Another Bollywood actor, Ranveer Singh supported her a lot. Both Deepaka and Ranveer are now happily married couple. There are more other celebrities affected with mental illness. Deepika is just working hard and she’s better than ever before. She feels fine with the right treatment at the right time.

Almost all the depression affected people would be highly creative and highly intelligent. They always try to figure out where they’re going wrong. Don’t just underestimate anyone.

Jonty Rhodes is also one more celebrity. He was a famous fielder in cricket. He used to dive and attack the ball to catch. This legend and many more others too, who did wonders even though affected by depression. Rhodes, a sportsman and a great athlete in the game of cricket. He suffered from epilepsy and depression. Yet, he moved on.

Common-man’s depression story in short

In the context of how people teach depression affected persons not logically, it’s disappointing to know the sufferings. You would consider it as just a disease and the medicines or people on medication, good enough to be fine. No, it’s not easy for the people, who unfortunately undergo this mental sickness.

If their medication controlled by their family members or spouse then what they do? They would steal their own medicines in the morning and a double dose helps them to sleep the entire day. This would go on.

You wouldn’t notice this. And since they want to sleep desperately because they think a good sleep can help them be in peace. That’s here again, and many people often wish you “may peace be upon you”. This means a peaceful life is what everyone needs, right?

Remember the jetlag you go through by travelling from country to another, a long distance. You can at least be honest to yourself to think how you managed to handle a few sleepless nights on one and on some other days in the past.

You would not understand, the depressed people spend almost every 24 hours as sleepless. How they’ve been doing this until they take treatment and on medication to sleep better. Better in the sense that they have, on and off sleepless nights even on medication.

Should people teach depression affected this way

Are you a psychiatrist to teach depression affected people how to behave? No! So, don’t just hurt the people suffering from any disease. Just be kind to all the patients.

Your abnormal behavior is, you won’t understand their change of moods or behaviors. They would be still depressed during some moments in a day or in a week even though they take antidepressants regularly.

Almost all the depression affected people would be highly creative and highly intelligent. They always try to figure out where they’re going wrong by visiting the doctors (psychiatrists). However, people teach depression affected rudely even by knowing so and so suffered a lot since childhood or lost his good teenage life.

What if they get hurt too much and the doses after doses of medicines, double, triple and more they take, would affect them badly. You should be nice to them instead of cursing them or acting rudely against their wish. Kindliness and love matters a lot to the people, who face such ailment.

As elder brothers or elder sisters, you need to be proactive and keep things simple. You won’t do so. However, you need to know, since mostly the people, who suffer from depression often the youngest of all. Their parents do take care of them, but for how long? You’re there as his or her brothers or sisters to provide them that much comfort, for them to live happily. No matter what, this story is, definitely worth reading twice, and to know more here…

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