India in with small world to chase

India in with small world to chase

What’s going on in India, would be too little and a small world to chase. Cheers up on with the hype created by fake news over any community, goes not in the long-way. The game will be on, but not for long, and it’s all blame game since India in with small world to chase. If one can’t do good for the citizens, then do just something to keep them diverted.

The economy, the joblessness and no wonder the hunger in India, would be not exposed by the mainstream media. The poisonous weak govt at the center, would be quite over what’s going on, as poverty increasing in India. Factual negative claims would be dismissed as fake, and the positives even if fake, would be taken. Criminals would be released, and innocents jailed. This would go on, but for how long?

Although about 40,000 innocent Muslims imprisoned for no reason, but when compared to over 220M Muslims, it’s a small number. Lot’s happening in India suddenly since 2014. Mob-lynching, Muslim homes bulldozed and what not, but they would still cheer and since these are just small numbers, to not affect at all because the truth surely can come out.

They won’t be successful in their cause

Small minds, small thoughts and all that they do as in a fight within which India in with small issues, have nothing to blame others. No one would be responsible than what India doing currently would be in deep trouble. Many voices raised, no matter what, but they keep on saying what they’re doing is always good.

Is it good to trouble the people, who contradict their beliefs? You live your own life and so we do, say wise people. But filth has so much to do with small minds that they’re happy to see others suffering and tortured. They won’t live without jealousy in their mind, which will be the reason for their cause to fail.

They won’t be successful in whatever way and in their cause to overcome the good with bad. The bad won’t last for long. Good times surely would come, but with the removal of current leaders in India.

Everyday fake reports spread around India, right from the fake reports like stone pelting by Muslims to Muslims doing harm by participating in Hindu festivals.

India in with small to protect big religion

The idea is to just gain sympathy for the majority, who thinks their religion is in danger. They were right before 2014 used to say “go my son, may the religion protect you”. That’s done and dusted because now they want to protect their religion. How would this sound to some others, who won’t react until the reports confirmed? The govt wants the people to believe, consume and digest fake and live on fake reports, just to be in a small world of cheers.

It’s good if you love your own religion, but without practicing your own religion why you’re bothered about other religions? Learn your religion even if it’s a big task as you think your religion is the way of life and is bigger. Doesn’t matter if you worship the sun, the moon, the stars or the rains and many other stones, but it matters when you hate others.

Yes, India in with small no wonder

When you’re told to not consume cow dung and do not worship the cow to drink cow urine? What you as majority India say, you say so many false beliefs within you to coverup upon those, who never do that. You come with out of context to blame Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and to some extent your own Dalit Hindus.

The explanation here is, why you curse and abuse a widow? Why you curse and abuse a childless woman? Also why you prefer dowry just to marry a woman? Are you doing a favor by marrying a woman to take so much land, wealth and ornaments to marry her.

Your logic is nothing more than 2 + 2 = 3. This is irrelevant because if you can say 2 + 2 = 5 or 6 then it’s logical because of synergy. The synergy force of four would be as strong as that of five or six. You say 2 + 2 = 3, but still if you say correctly that 2 + 2 = 4 then it would be enough logical. But you won’t understand the equations and you blame others.

India against Muslims to chase fire

When you chase fire, you’re hurting yourself than Muslims, who prefer to live in peace. Using slurs like Katwa, Madarsachchaap, Mulle or KatMulle just to please each other than hurting Muslims. Muslims won’t prefer to reply to such idiots in India, growing in large numbers with stupidity and insane minds.

What they mean by Katwa, Madarsachchap, Mulle or Katmulle, they know in their own way to be rude to Muslims. Good manners and good behavior seems to be wiped off from India. Obviously, India in with small world to chase something small and highlight that as bigger. Big issues, then would be ignored.

They won’t interfere with what good people do and won’t learn from the good people. They won’t highlight the good from others living in India as citizens, but they highlight the bad from others. The others won’t appreciate the govt because of the govt’s failures. They, hence support the govt blindly, and would be in deep trouble as they’re chasing the fire to be set ablaze on the fire.

The fire would burn them so much that even their ashes won’t be collected. They know they’re doing more harm than good. They’re doing mischief and creating riots on the land. However, the one, who does good benefits himself and the one, who does bad harms himself. The reasons are too many to learn the good, but they opt to learn the bad.

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