South Africa in between India and Pakistan to fuel chase

South Africa in between India and Pakistan to fuel chase

The chase for the T20 World Cup 2022 is on fire. Shockingly, Australia lost their early T20I match of the group 1 to New Zealand by a BIG margin. However, in the group 2, South Africa in between India and Pakistan to win both the games to qualify easily.

South Africa played top cricket against Zimbabwe, but unfortunately ended on to share points. With a net run rate to begin with, South Africa and Zimbabwe; both stand at +0.00.

Proteas were so much keen to win 2 points with a very high NRR. That wasn’t possible as Zimbabwe still fancy for the chase, since Pakistan although favorite to win, will be tested again, and 3 T20I matches in a row on the very busy Oct 27.

India to play Netherlands soon after South Africa plays Bangladesh, and then Pakistan to play Zimbabwe. If South Africa wins against Bangladesh then group 2 will be wide open.

South Africa in between where

India looking for a BIG win against Netherlands. Pakistan also in a hurry to put some points on the table of the SIX teams in the group 2. A win or lose for both South Africa and Bangladesh on Oct 27, would be right on the corner. However, Quinton de Kock is in good form, and with a GOOD pace attack, South Africa looks GOOD in all three departments. Their bowling, batting and fielding can pull off more victories from nowhere.

India after defeating Pakistan, have earned 2 points, an NRR of just +0.05, which doesn’t matter as India pulled of a win from the jaws of defeat. Kudos to Virat Kohli. The T20I #IndvPak was the most thrilling contest so far, in this T20 World Cup.

Outstanding performance by South Africa in the no result game against Zimbabwe, keeps them on top in the race to semi finals. However, both India and Pakistan looking good and they both need a win against South Africa to be easily in the semi finals.

Rest of the other matches for both India and Pakistan are not that tough to win than that against South Africa. So, winning both these BIG games, will be in the mind of South Africa. Yes, looking to win the World Cup, every game is very important in the chase.

India will play South Africa on Oct 30, and South Africa to play Pakistan on Nov 3. The two wins or the two losses or one win and one loss for South Africa can put them on a high, low or in the middle. South Africa in between or in the middle of India and Pakistan for the race to the semi finals. The chase fueled to go where. Come Oct 27, an interesting Thursday.

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