You go away as you thought

You go away as you thought

You go away as you thought

You stay away, so what?

Diamonds are my words

The guns are your swords

Dream whatever you can

You won’t know what’s my plan

Unity in between the loving people

Will be your defeat by the little

Your issues are nothing to care about

Whatever you do will be brought

You go away as you thought

Stay away, so what

Your hype of wrongdoings maybe false

Tragic in everyway will be the cause

Never say you’re right always

As you’re on the dark ways

No matter I prefer the bright case

Departure of you to go away

Doesn’t matter to me anyway

You go away as you thought

You stay away, so what?

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You go away as you thought. Maybe the best you’re doing by eliminating love in between the people. Making all think in ways similar to praise the atrocities of innocents. Your ways are higher for you to jump over and again. But when you fall, no one will come again to save you. You’ll die the death of a coward. What’s in your favor to be your forward.

The steps, you taken are faulty, which will the casualty and no wonder, will expose you as dirty. Filthy you, keep way, stay away and go away.

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