Crying enabling tears flow forms healthy poo

Crying enabling tears flow forms healthy poo

Scientists have discovered some benefits out of you crying whether in any good or bad situation. Crying enabling tears flow isn’t good in many ways, but one benefit you need to know. However, the moment you stop crying, or still you feel pain a lot and can’t control yourself, you’ll be in some way digesting your food.

The process is simple and it helps the other way, but it’s tough for you to control your sadness or bear the tragedy, but in return you form brown healthy poo.

The healthy poo is brown, well formed, and easy to pass; says Dr. McClymont. There are different types of poo, hard (pellet like), loose or watery, black (tar like), etc.

The suffering of a person because of some unfortunate incident or because someone did hurt that person is no doubt very painful. But this can actually form a healthy poo.

Weeping or profusely crying enabling tears flow can put a person to go in depression. Well, there are too many side-effects and troubles if a person is depressed and even on medication of depression cure. Depression also can lead to suicidal thoughts even when on no good medication. That’s a different topic, you can find plenty here in health section.

However, some depressed persons fortunately saved from the jaws of death. But one benefit is the formation of a brown and healthy poo if you feel sad, painful and weeping, your eyes flowing with tears. YES, one good thing is the formation of a healthy brown poo, which can pass easily.

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