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Muslim homes in India have non Muslim servants earning more

Muslim homes in India have non Muslim servants earning more

In India, it’s discussed more often that Muslims live in poverty. They do small businesses, work as auto-drivers, puncture fixers, work on daily wages in petrol pumps, and so on. This is on a large scale, widely spoken and uttered that Muslims in majority in India are poor. However, about 90% of Muslim homes in India have Non-Muslim servants, who work and are happy to get other benefits too.

Non Muslims work in Muslim households for about two hours and earn up to ₹2000 plus other benefits too. In all their daily schedule, for example one Non-Muslim servant covers at least 5 Muslim homes. They earn more than ₹10,000 per month and are treated nicely. They’ll be given food, and cash gifts time to time on occasion to occasion basis. By this, it’s surprising to know that they dislike working in their own community of Non-Muslim homes.

The reason for Non-Muslim servants to not work at Non-Muslim homes is that they’re not allowed to do their work as they wish. They’ve to ask for water whenever they need. They’ll not be given food. They’ll be scolded for small mistakes and this is how it goes.

Moreover, Non-Muslim servants mostly are Christians converted from Hinduism. Some change their names in accordance to Christianity, and some do not. However, all Non-Muslim servants happy to work at Muslim homes and they’re well supported in their testing times.


Reasons might be too many, but the point is even middleclass Muslims keep servants at their homes. Non-Muslim homes avoid servants and do their own-work and save money. Lifestyles might be similar, but commonly Muslims and Non-Muslims treat servants differently. However, Non-Muslims spend a lot on their children’s education, etc.

It says even as per the present situation that “Nawabzaade” are mostly the Muslims. “Nawabzaade” are basically the Non-workers. It also means Muslims are mostly not hardworking people. A term used for Muslims since the Nizam period. The Nizam Sarkar donated huge quantity of gold to the govt of India during the tough times.

Finally, Muslims regard donating and helping the poor as one of the best good-deeds. They’ll not work for more hours in their studies or in their businesses if they’re capable to understand the subjects in quick-time and also operate their businesses from their homes if they can, respectively.

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