Support yourself first to not criticize

Support yourself first to not criticize

The ways are too easy for you to come in anyone’s affair and look for criticism. It’s you, who would find easier to criticize than accept what others do good and for that you won’t appreciate. Support yourself first with whatever you say, in the context of reaching out to not criticize, but to ignore. Ignoring what others do bad or even worst, will be not the best way to support yourself first.

You’re in all four corners to learn good from the bad. You’ll be delighted to know, if someone appreciates you, but at the same-time you won’t like someone criticizing you. You’ve the right to say so, and condemn what’s wrong in which someone believes, but in a polite way. In that case, if you politely say that someone is wrong or believes in the wrong, did bad, then it’s like supporting yourself.

If you support yourself first, and be nice to others. And then if he or she dislikes your polite way of condemning the bad, it’s their problem, not yours.

You would be in your way to not argue or avoid arguing with people, who won’t understand. The first few words of their statement for you itself would say that how much bad they feel about your affairs. You should be neither judgmental and never be in such a case to even criticize that person to few of your friends or relatives. Whatever maybe the case, pleasing some others in your group of friends and relatives and targeting someone, which in a way to hurt him or her, isn’t right.

Support yourself with authentic knowledge

No wonder, it’s nice to to let others say so and so to you. Let them criticize you, so that you should appreciate what they say and you should learn to become good. Quitting all your bad habits isn’t that easy as others might think so. But the support you get out of what they say matters. Here, you’ll try to avoid bad, and learn to do good. You’re a learner and it says you’re still a student, and so you should support yourself with more knowledge.

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You’ve the right to criticize if you think you’re criticizing politely to be honest enough to change someone from bad to good. But do you know, how your words would hurt someone? No, you think you’re doing all good to condemn what someone already believes in wrong and does bad, looks to you bad.

So, it’s time to support yourself with more knowledge to not criticize others, but to explain others that what you know and believe is all right. Your knowledge counts and you won’t be disappointed. A knowledgeable person can do wonders if he or she knows authentic knowledge of history, religion, business, and so on.

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