Sunil Gavaskar rules commentary box this way know how

Sunil Gavaskar rules commentary box this way know how

Sunil Gavaskar rules commentary box. However, some might say, his commentary is poor. Some might say his commentary is not bad. But if you keep listening to him, you would know how he puts so much passion to the current live cricket matches.

His commentary so far and as days passes by, can keep you more interested to listen him while watching the game. With his neutral commentary, the legendary cricketer, who first broke Sir Don Bradman’s record, also is an excellent commentator at the age of 73. His opinions couldn’t hurt any cricket fan from any country as he favors all teams equally.

Don’t expect him as an Indian cricketer to speak more about India. The man, who played cricket for a longtime, is still fit and fine since his retirement from cricket years back in 1987. He played for India and for Mumbai for 16 years. He started playing Test cricket in the year 1971.

Sunil Gavaskar was one of the best Test cricket batter. He was not too good to play ODI cricket, but he was a part of the 1983 ODI cricket World Cup. Sunil Gavaskar was the first cricketer to break Sir Don Bradman’s record of 29 Test centuries. He reached unbelievable landmarks of scoring 34 centuries and amassing 10,000 Test runs in the late 1980s. His debut was against West Indies in Port-of-Spain in the year 1971.

Bit more this way on living legend

The legend Sunil Gavaskar, born in the year 1949 on July 10. He speaks, the way in which his experience of playing cricket for a longtime puts icing on the cake. Also he explains sometimes physically through his actions of playing cricket during the break-time of his commentary. He’s a nonvegetarian but mostly likes vegetarian dishes. His fitness level is just good enough at the age of 73 to work as a commentator.

Sunil Gavaskar was nicknamed as the little-master during his cricket playing career. He loves modern day cricket. Appreciates modern day batting for reverse-sweep, scoop-shots, etc., and slow bouncers, knuckle balls, etc., in modern day bowling too.

The gentle and clean way of his speech makes his commentary interesting with some out of the box opinions like how to win toss, which can make you laugh. But at the same time, he believes in winning toss in his way of looking at the coin at first to call a head or a tail. Someone stopped him from saying more on how to win toss as we’ve just this much to add and that’s what will be a bit more.

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