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Sadness will not bother much like other experiences in life

Sadness will not bother much like other experiences in life

One of the best people, are the people, who bring peace and progress for others around the world. They won’t care what’s happening in their own lives, but are always ready to teach the good. Your health is precious for you to get not hurt. So, they’re ready to help you and it’s possibly easier for them to work more to reduce sadness and depression. But sadness will not bother you other than frequent-criticism, abuse, jealousy, mockery, depression, hate, etc.

You need to learn a lot to keep people out of all sins or crimes and live a peaceful life. If you progress in your education and earn more, you can help the poor. The poor also would become rich if you guide them and that’s what the best people keep doing.

Education without knowledge of religion is wasteful. Your education can take you to achieve your goals. Your help to your people will be then more and more to reduce poverty.

The Zakat (charity) you give would benefit the people and the more people give Zakat, the better. Isn’t it? Why think as a pessimist. Don’t you need to be optimistic? Read all you know not. But it’s time to know what wrong people doing and what good people doing. Your health is your wealth. Take care of your health to do more good deeds. Do not wish for death. If you’re doing sins, then live to repent. If you’re doing good, then keep doing good deeds.

This article includes:

  • Health is wealth
  • Religion for knowledge
  • Politics for a change
  • Hatred to eliminate
  • Peace to restore
  • Sadness will not bother
  • Spread peace not hatred
  • A bit in detail about what the title says

You’ll be fine if you’re happy and would be thankful even in your sadness. You’ll cry alone and feel sadness, but someone will come to notice this behavior of yours and help you out. But again what you experience in your life should be known to at least one of the people around you if you can’t bear that. Yes, unbearable pain of all other things as mentioned above would be too much to suffer more and more.

Surely sadness will not bother you

Suffering is the major concern in our lives, but surely not sadness or happiness. You would say, happiness and sadness will not bother you like how you suffer from, time to time.

Mostly people don’t bother to know about the teachings in the religion of Islam. Some would come hard and quote something out of context, which never taught in Islam, and they hurt the sentiments of the Muslims.

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Also then politics comes in between. There are some people, who hate Islam and mostly they try to create fun out of what was told 1444 years ago. These elements always cheer over the sufferings of the followers of Islam.

People like you always want to have good relations with others around you. Meanwhile, you’ll be in trouble if you fight-out your health issues like depression or sadness by illegal-ways.

Illegal-ways to have pleasure, to keep yourself away from what’s happening around you, are the sins you would likely to commit. The religion, which speaks about prohibition of illegal-ways-to-live, is Islam. This is so because Muslims or the believers of the Unseen Creator know that there’s surely an endless life after death. This world would end one-day. The life of this world is temporary. What are the illegal-ways to live, which aren’t crimes, but sins?

What are the illegal-ways

Committing illegal-sex is mostly legal in almost all other regions of the world, but prohibited in Islam. Meanwhile, alcohol abuse, speaking lies, suicide or killing others in anger or for any reason are few of the many-many sins, which are also prohibited in Islam and in other religions. All these are also called as illegal-ways of living.

Illegal-sex is legal in this world for some non-Muslims, but it’s not called as illegal or legal-sex.

Illegal-sex, self-harm or suicide (not crimes, but sins) are prohibited in the religion of Islam. So, illegal-ways includes illegal-sex, which is having sex other than your wife. To not kill yourself (suicide) or harm yourself (alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unlawful food) or kill innocent lives are the sins, which also includes illegal-sex. You’ve to lower your gaze. You can’t stare anyone for joy other than your spouse.

What if you’re unmarried and likes to have sex, which is illegal in Islam? Islam recommends fasting, which is better to avoid sins like having sex when you’re not married or when married and likes to have sex other than your spouse. Fasting in Islam, is a good-deed accompanied by five time prayers in which you have to eat and finish your meal just before early morning, and break your fast soon after the sun sets.

In some countries, the fasts would be too much longer and in some countries, the fasts might be shorter. Generally, on an average the fasting-time is around 15-17 hours in a day.

BJP, politics, sadness will not bother & no peace

People were and are bothered of living in peace and bothered more to live together with people of other religions. Here’s how BJP feeding poison to the people of India just because BJP do not like people to live together peacefully. BJP’s strategy is to divide and rule, and collect votes from majority. At anytime BJP brings Pakistan in between to compare India. BJP followers would love to hate Pakistan and they feel good if they heard bad about Pakistan. They also regard Muslims in India as enemies.

BJP won’t bother much about how or in which they’re taking India towards poverty. Politicians are good if they work for the progress and take all the people together towards reducing poverty, joblessness, etc.

Some people, who speak for justice hurts BJP. It’s good to keep saying why bring religion in every matter. But BJP likes to do religious-politics to brainwash people, to vote for BJP by using false narratives. Here, sadness will not bother Muslims, but experiencing false and lies spoken from time to time and more since 2014.

Oh Really, Hinduism under attack?

BJP shows that Hinduism under attack or Hindus under attack. If BJP and BJP followers can teach Hinduism to those Hindus, who are Hindu by name would be better. However, by creating fake posts or fake hate speeches about other religions to save Hinduism, not justified. Why speak lies or speak wrong about others to show, you’re good?

The slurs like Mulle, Katwe, Jihadis used more since 2014 (BJP’s entry) for Indian Muslims and have been fading away since 2022. How they say love-jihad or explain Jihad in which way? What they mean by saying so? Jihad means to struggle. To fight against the enemies, defending to save one’s own.

Jihad is a struggle to keep oneself away from committing sin. Keeping oneself clean. If all they show wrongly about Jihad, then it’s evident that they’re doing so. What they do, they blame the same on others. Yes, the fall of BJP will be good and surely the best to keep India away from hate between one community to the other.

What BJP teaches people of India?

BJP teaches people of India to hate others and save Hindus. Doesn’t this look silly or rightly condemned if people hate other communities more and would not learn to like people around them. They’ll be the easiest victims of doing more harm to India’s progress by spreading hatred.

How BJP feeding poison to people needs to be condemned on a large scale. BJP teaching that others consume milk, but they’re teaching people to consume poison. They’re killing people by serving poison and showing that other communities are happy by drinking milk, and so force them to live unhappily. Meanwhile, most of the people, other communities or people of all communities aren’t drinking milk, they’re actually left hungry. India is hungry.

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Here the experiences of knowing the jealousy, corruption, hatred, murders, rapes, and riots under BJP harm people more to go in sadness. But sadness will not bother people at all. The most bothering matter is hate from one region to the other. From one community to the other, and so on. A typical article, and in short includes politics too.

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