PCB Appoints Mickey Arthur Online Coach To Work From SA

PCB Appoints Mickey Arthur Online Coach To Work From SA

The Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB appoints Mickey Arthur as online cricket coach. It’s like working from England or South Africa. In an unbelievable decision, Mickey Arthur wants to coach the Pakistan team initially, and until the ODI cricket World Cup 2023 to be played in India. However, Pakistan to visit Sharjah in the end of March to play 3 T20Is for a reason as Afghanistan is the host.

Next New Zealand to visit Pakistan and so on. But here Mickey Arthur would do online coaching in almost 90% of Pakistan’s cricket-schedule for the next 3 years.

Pakistan to play Afghanistan in Sharjah for 3 T20Is. Pakistan, then would comeback and play New Zealand – 5 ODIs and 5 T20Is in Pakistan. Shockingly, Mickey Arthur would coach online to the Pakistan team even for the Asia Cup after the two bilateral series. Asia Cup would not likely to be played in Pakistan.

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Moreover, a couple of assistant coaches – also shockingly not from Pakistan. But they would help Pakistani cricketers still, to understand in English what Mickey Arthur suggests. Again language problem because most of the players couldn’t understand English. Their mother tongue is something similar to Urdu and Panjabi.

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Pakistani cricket legend Shahid Afridi disagrees with this decision as “how would Mickey Arthur coach players at the time of match day”. “Every cricket match for Pakistan’s team matters a lot to win even from losing positions, so how would Pakistan can comeback in the games”. Amid lots of criticism, PCB appoints Mickey Arthur until 2025 end as per contract.

Miserably, Mickey would also coach Pakistan online for their tour of Sri Lanka, where Pakistan would play 2 Test matches. Also, Pakistan will tour Australia and England after the ODI World Cup 2023. Micky would still be working online as work from England or SA and won’t join Pakistan’s men in green.

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