Know Weaknesses To Achieve Your Goal

Know Weaknesses To Achieve Your Goal

You’re inline with how the former highly respectful scientist late APJ Kalam said earlier. He taught many students in a simpler way, and many and almost all, who learned from him achieved huge success. He said, but once, to know failure stories to achieve success, not success stories. That’s absolutely right, but do you know weaknesses to achieve success? If no then do you want to know how you would assess yourself?

You should know one to too many to all your weaknesses. Understand your weaknesses to know how to work upon your weaknesses to convert them as your strengths.

Weakness 1 of the 4 to know weaknesses to achieve

If you think your communication skill is good or bad, just know weaknesses to achieve more from here. If your communication skill as you think is good. You should listen more to people than speaking more or shouldn’t speak until you would be asked. Speaking more is not the best communication skill, listening and replying specifically. Not just explaining everything for one such question. Go step by step.

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If one or someone shows a signal to not listen to you. What would you do? Mostly, people stop by and listen to others in a group discussion. Here, the time gone is gone forever. So, if you’ve good suggestion with you to say so in group discussion. Say by “let me tell you this. Let me say, please once I finish you can continue”. This way people would listen to you to know your good suggestion, which would be the best. Otherwise, the time gone is gone.

Some more on how to wait for your turn? If you know, you’ve enough knowledge on that topic in the group discussion. Just wait for your turn.

If you know you can’t speak more, it’s not your weakness because you should allow yourself to listen more. The old saying also explain us this way. Things which come from eyes would do good with your hands. Things which come from ears would do good with your mouth. Means listening more by your ears would overcome your weakness of speaking just anything. Reading more by your eyes would let you to write the best.

Just know weaknesses to achieve… 2, 3, 4 & more

Well, you’re here until now. This is so because you’ve given too many interviews without performing according to the requirement to lose one after the another. The jobs. No clues why you failed in the interviews? No clues why you failed in businesses (3)? Try to change your resume and it should be as simple as it would be easier for the employer to know you better. Let her or him decide to ask you and you should try to reply, but shouldn’t try to explain.

Learn more before your another interview is due. Do not commit the same mistakes, or speak more. Listen and reply. Be confident. Know weaknesses to achieve, and in whatever way your weaknesses stop you, do not panic. But you should let others know you’re the candidate, they’re seeking for, would be great. Don’t stop to learn more. Convert your weaknesses to your strengths. But how?

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If you’re seeking for a job, a job as a fresher because experienced candidates know more and how to perform in the interviews. So, you’re a fresher.

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The employers want the freshers to be energetic and optimistic. Your body language also counts. Sense of humor and your ability to work more upon the job requirement and the way you reply with just the words of what you’ve learned so far. Your knowledge counts.

Weakness 3

Firstly, businesspersons fail because they know weaknesses to achieve nothing like others. The ‘others’ might be one of your middle or elder siblings, who would say this way. “Don’t go there in the USA, Canada, UK or Saudi Arabia. You’ll be disappointed. No jobs. The weather is too cold or too hot”. And so on. What would you do by staying in India or any Asian country to name Pakistanis and Sri Lankans too? You would prefer to do business, you have to decide one way or the other. Study, research, and adopt a winning policy.

Furthermore, you’ll be told that you would do better in this field or that, which you won’t like though. You won’t like the fields of the ‘other’s’ choice. This is so because you love challenges. You’ve to work upon your weaknesses and transform your weaknesses to your strengths.

You’ll be much happy to change yourself according to the demands. According to the situations. Prioritize the situations, which come to you one by one to achieve your goal.

So, be just with your expenses when you start your business, which would not fail, but you need to take risks. Spend as much less money as you can, but smartly.

Start of with a small business. This is because a small business is always not a small thought. Your employees should respect you and listen to you. If you fail, try to change your location. Be smart, right from the beginning. Read here to know more.

Final Weakness 4

Don’t listen to anyone, which would be fair, right? Try to achieve whatever your goal might be. Do by your own to learn more. Don’t listen to your family members or just anyone else. Do not hesitate to take your own decision by yourself to know weaknesses to achieve. But what? You know your weaknesses very well, not others, not even your family members.

Rightly so, you know your strengths too. No one else knows your strengths. Be yourself to achieve whatever your goal might be. Go there, and be optimistic to know how well you would be in such a position to create something out of nothing. Your own decision matters because you’re there to cope with the challenges you face.

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