Scholars Stop That Mouth Spread Of Authentic Knowledge

Scholars Stop That Mouth Spread Of Authentic Knowledge

Disclaimer: The article reported to you, one and all to not hurt the sentiments of you, one and all. Scholars stop what, would be discussed more in the comment section. In Hand Writer and the author Khalid M. Raza, not responsible either in whatever way you mock or believe in whichever way.

Believers, disbelievers and religious people have their own way of lives in whichever way, they want to learn more, just anything. Learning more is what’s required other than false-beliefs. Learning more enables people of all religions including atheists to gain authentic knowledge, finally.

The knows here are the authentic knowledge and the ways, how to worship, which spreads from mouth to mouth. To gain knowledge authentically, do some research to know what’s right and what’s wrong by reading religious books. Here, scholars stop by coming in your way and many others from spreading authentic knowledge through mouth to mouth.

You know mouth to mouth publicity or just anything like just any firm, company, industry or org, works wonders. If a scholar, who knows 100% of religious knowledge, it’s very easy to believe what he or she would…

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If you believe in what scholars say, you would still be doing all good by picking what’s right and ignoring what’s confusing to you.

Don’t go in to the deep without the basic authentic knowledge, and do your all good deeds regularly. What you need to do is just learn the religions and more about your own religion.

Although you’re satisfied with whatever knowledge you gained, still you need to learn more. Keep learning.

Do scholars stop after gaining knowledge?

If a scholar, who knows 100% of religious knowledge, it’s very easy to believe what he or she would do. He or she would definitely keep on learning more and more. Worshiping more and more. It’s also understandable that he or she won’t have time to speak on the stage to spread knowledge. To guide others.

Also he or she won’t like anything other than fearing what will happen on the day. The day, which would be the end of the world or after his or her death.

It’s a confusing topic for you at the moment. But do you know, how knowledge also spreads like mouth publicity? Few scholars, who know 100% of authentic knowledge would still be known to at least the people around them.

People around 1, 2, 3, etc.

The people around them by knowing these pious persons to whom they like would be somebody for them to ask something or the other. They ask questions to one such scholar or few others from any corner or corners of the world. One pious person or 100% knowledgeable scholar would be there, and he or she would guide them and answer their queries.

Although the most learned or 100% knowledgeable person won’t have time other than asking the Almighty for forgiveness and so on. But it would be his or her duty to answer the best and let others know, who would be around him or her.

Just a bit more time for him or her would always be there to guide people around him or her. This way, the learners from these most pious persons would spread authentic knowledge through mouth. Here again comes in between the scholars.

When it comes to religion

People would say, “so and so says something else” and this way scholars stop mouth to mouth spread of authentic knowledge. One can’t say, why such a most pious person keeps asking for forgiveness to the Creator. Nobody knows how the Creator forgives the worst people (having one or two good deeds) and punishes the good people (having little bad deeds).

When it comes to religion, follow the basics first and keep learning more and more about the religion. Don’t spread incomplete knowledge. You would be then haven’t noticed whether the knowledge is authentic or not. Prove by learning more and keep learning.

You still have 3 hour time at home everyday to learn more and more. Yes, you’re busy working, sleeping or spending good time with your families.

Keep learning and just find out one or two persons around you out of a 100 persons you know and ask them to guide you to learn which books, the books should be authentic. By the way, gain correct knowledge about history. Don’t just believe someone, who would be just world famous or popular because he gained knowledge just about 40% or lesser.

Nobody would gain 100% authentic knowledge of the religion other than the prophets or messengers. Here again scholars stop because people discuss a lot about what they keep saying. No matter what. Learn and gain knowledge; you, yourself to clear all your doubts.

You’ll be then very busy to keep correcting yourself. Just a small sin by you in about few hours would let you to grieve or regret. You would ask for forgiveness because you won’t know whether you would be forgiven or not.

How then scholars stop by here

Your Lord knows whether you would enter paradise or hell. Nobody, yourself and the scholars know nothing about, and that they’re going to hell or paradise. Ask them and they’ll tell that they don’t know, which way they go.

After your death, in a longtime or in a short time, two places would be there for you. One will be the paradise. The other would be the hell.

If you reject the glorious paradise and keep committing sins or by not following at least the basics. Where would your Lord like you to go to? Indeed, paradise in which there will be an endless joyful life.

The day of judgement would be there anytime from now and you would either go to hell or paradise. Nobody knows. So, be good. Prepare well and keep learning for the hereafter. Do good to others. Learn more and more.

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Ask for forgiveness even if you think you’ve not committed any sin so far. No, your Lord knows you very well. Your Lord will guide you more to learn more not anybody. You’re not yet caught up here. Just find sometime even if you work all day very hard like a plumber.

Good plumbers or good hardworking people takeout sometime to learn by reading books or listen to audio books of authentic knowledge. Spend time and decide. The world would be much happy and many would be much happy because word of mouth spreads like a wild fire, which the scholars stop.

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