Waiting For Right Time Not Your Weakness

Waiting For Right Time Not Your Weakness

Your patience always comes in your way as your strength and not your weakness. Patience always do wonders and will be fruitful, just know this to begin with. If you’re waiting for right time, the patience is valuable the most, but how, and do you know? Just ‘they’ too would not be warned about what the right time for ‘you’ would be. The patience here is one of the hardest of the times.

Your comfort and your ease will not be there, a bit or more. This test is one of the toughest for you. Waiting for right time, is not your weakness, it’s your wait time and it’s something else.

You might suffer from a disease, and in pain and that painfulness would be your time pass at times. You might be hospitalized. Guests would come to see you. You’ll go through severe pain, trouble, sickness, which seldom becomes your headache. All these are part of your life. However, the courage for patience required to wait for the right time, which you would not know, is somewhat your strength.

Know No Waiting For Right Time In Between

Let’s do read this section with some fun around to make this article interesting. I was in Chennai to attend an event. There were too many VIPs and one of them was Ben G. Let’s call him by his first name Ben. I was sitting beside him in the event hall because I wanted to see my daughter from very close receiving top in India award in IGCSE. Ben, in between was going out for a minute and coming back every half an hour.

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I thought, since he was going out frequently by saying “excuse me”, he would be smoking couple of puffs. But my guess was wrong since I too, a smoker, was keen to know, what was this. I followed him quietly and I saw him, farting, releasing the gas and coming back since the smoking zone was too far, there was no chance for him to smoke even if he was a smoker.

I saw him, not even smiling after he farted and immediately, he used to comeback and sit. Since, he being a VIP, his thoughts about farting in a closed hall, a bit different. It was silence there for sometime before the event of awarding 42 students from India took place. This means, there’s always no waiting for right time to fart.

What Some People Do, Wait Or No Waiting For Right Time

Some people control the farts, which about to come and release the gas silently. However, this would disturb the atmosphere even if most of the people are heavily perfumed in the room or a closed hall. Some farts are of very bad smell. Also, particularly the silent ones.

Don’t worry, there are many no waiting for right time things to know. Your thirst, and you feel thirsty and then you say politely, “can I have glass of water”, at anytime. But if you’re hungry, you would bear your hunger to the extent that you’ll wait for long hours, and have the food at the right time.

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Nature’s call, such as call to urinate, yawn, sneeze, cough fart or clearing of your throat cannot be delayed. You would fart at the right time too. The sounds would be PEEEOWN, PAAAUOOON, and so on. But you would not know which fart would sound which way or a silent one. So, you leave the place and do your fart freely.

When Will Be The Right Time

You would not know when will be the right time to come. Within a week, within a month or it would take years. It takes a lot to wait for the right time.

When you wait for something to happen, it would still remain not as your wait, it’s just the time you need to go through. The right time is the time, which would not be known to you until you experience it, in sometime for which you wait. Waiting for right time is indeed tough, and it’s your strength, not your weakness.

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