Surge In Deportation As Fake Visa Rackets And Crimes On

Surge In Deportation As Fake Visa Rackets And Crimes On

India’s rackets in drug peddling to fake degree certificates and now on fake visas are increasing as time advances. The advancement of technology used not for the country’s progress, but used by politicians to agents in different ways. The ways are just so hurtful that innocents have to bear a lot. India see surge in deportation. Earlier few weeks back, Canada deported over 700 India students thanks to fake visa rackets.

Crimes have increased in leaps and bounds in India. There’s a necessity and urgency by the courts to judge the innocents as innocents and criminals as criminals. By the time innocence proved so, it would be too late. The culprits and criminals roaming around freely as innocents bearing a lot to be sucked by the courts.

The courts should look with urgency even if something inappropriate with the cases. Why put the careers of innocents in trouble? The actions or judgements need to come immediately. Else, it’s like justice delayed is justice denied. Here, innocents lose a lot.

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The arguments would continue and media would be happy to propagate just any case with some spice. However, the rackets for fake visas and fake document-making to make money from the ambitious students also need to be addressed.

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Sudhir Chaudhary: Fake Hate Posts Reporter

This is such a big crime that parents of these students spend their hard earned money to let their children study abroad. But due to no urgency to find the culprits or to punish the fake visa rackets, it’s tough for the innocents to survive. Hate speeches are growing in India since the past few years because of no actions taken so far on such monks and so crimes of all colors growing in India. India has become a country of criminals and ruled also by the criminals.

If people couldn’t be safe in this country to live peacefully thanks to the media, it’s time to put a ban on the media houses. These criminal houses, who spread fake news along with too many incidents go on unnoticed. Their idea is to gain more from the majority to make money.

The fake rackets are, the rapes are, the murders are, and so the justice delayed are also the crimes of the sitting judges to point at to be connected to. Thus, it would be not fair to call India as a country of crimes.

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