Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa – A Shocking Truth About Life

Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa – A Shocking Truth About Life

Life is meant to live selfishly for almost all the people around the world. The story, a new story certainly would hurt the sentiments of Muslims. But it’s true to know how Muslims do not help each other on time or their timely help would not come. Just to know Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa (someone destroyed my worldly life, that’s it) would be something, a bit. So, it’s good to realize that worldly life is the test for Muslims across the world.

What about moving forward to note down these words Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa, and look not behind. Look upon what’s next and look more about life after death.

He said, “Tune Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa Meri, Lekin Main Ab Bahot Neik Kaam, Ibadat Aur Sahi Raasta Jeene Ka Chunliya Hai”. The man, who’s worldly life destroyed, and nothing substantial to gain from this world means: “You’ve just destroyed my worldly life, but I will keep doing all good deeds”. “I will Worship more and more, and I would follow the righteous way to achieve if nothing in this world. But for the world after or the hereafter”.

The “hereafter” is something, which most of the Muslims ignore and be in someway or the other to regret a lot and live in the past.

It’s no good to live in the past. One must understand that what has happened, happened and one should try their best to do good to live in peace in this world. If one does good, benefits himself or herself. If one does bad, harms himself or herself.

Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa & More

The stiff grudge in between Muslim community without doubt there’s no unity at all to support each other. Not even relatives, friends or siblings of Muslim persons and importantly the parents, who want to see their success stories. Old parents moved by them and left in ‘isolated’ old age homes, where everyday, looks strange and agonizing for the old people.

However, right before the success story to complete, someone would come in between to leave it incomplete. They change it to a failure story even of their close and blood-related ones. The known persons are the close relatives, friends or siblings.

What if you’re deprived of parents’ teachings or you’ve no parents since you grow up. For you to get not parent’s truthful support, you’ll be mostly finished. However, Muslims need to follow the route map shown to them through Quran and Hadiths (the teachings of prophet Mohammed) for guidance.

If parents say wrong, a Muslim should correct them. Just following what’s going on in between your parents, relatives and friends is not worthy.

Try your best to follow authenticity at the peak level to be a better person. A better person or the better people are not those, who are successful only in this worldly lives.

In Continuation To Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa

Muslims need to be obedient, honest, truthful and so they’ll be guided. ‘Guided’ means if they try hard to know what’s the truthful way of life to live, they’ll surely achieve success if not in this world. But surely in the world after.

No way to follow whatever wrong your elders say to you. This way, you’ll be left not with Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa. Yes, it’s true to follow the truth, to stay away from following whatever wrong told to you by your elders. If they won’t help you or guide you to achieve your goals, it’s not their fault, they didn’t realized your potential.

What they told you or even forced you to do what they wished when your goal was something else to achieve?. It was happened, and happens to some people too and so, you’ve still sometime to live in peace.

You look towards not justifying what happened in your lives, and ask for what ‘they’ did to you? Yes, Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa, and so try your best to keep doing all good, the good comes in everyone’s lives. Grab the opportunities to do good.

Forget that your gentle close ones left you and migrated to some rich countries, and they didn’t want you to be there. Don’t worry, just your worldly life is in trouble, and so you just look for good. Try your best to gain more rewards for the life after death by doing all good. Life after death is endless life.

In the life after death, death won’t come. If you do good and pass the test for which you’re sent to this temporary world, your life after death would be too good. A joyful life, and an important life, which you, me and anyone couldn’t even imagine of.

Oh No!!!

Someone misguided you to make money from shortcut ways, are not good Muslims. They do misguide you by repeatedly pleading to you. Once you’re in business, they show how to make money by taking loans, credit cards, etc., and your innocence would be their advantage. Your disadvantage is if you do as they said repeatedly to you to become a defaulter, it’s their fault. They also show you how to make fake documents and so on.

It’s their fault to misguide you this way. They spoiled your worldly life and also, who knows how you would payback the loans and credit card pending bills. Your anger or hate for them is justified for sure. But you should forgive just everyone to be a good Muslim unlike the misguiding Muslims, who won’t accept what wrong they did to you.

However, they think the world as a pot of water when compared to the endless life of the hereafter. You believe the worldly life not as pot of water, but as a drop of water. The drop diminishes within your fingers.

It’s they, who know they’re right and you were wrong or might be right. They’ve to and you’ve to answer and if they didn’t ask you for forgiveness for what all bad they did? Indeed for them the worldly life is just the best. Who knows their life after death would be what? You keep doing good deeds, forget everything and say to yourself, Sirf Duniya Ujaadi Naa.

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