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Asia Cup To World Cup 2023 Schedules Delay Worry Tourists

Asia Cup To World Cup 2023 Schedules Delay Worry Tourists

The tourists around the cricket world to watch top cricket matches, haven’t left with much time to book tickets. Tickets of watching cricket tournaments to flights, haven’t yet booked. Why would the delay also causing broadcasters a headache. Let’s know how Asia Cup to World Cup 2023 schedules haven’t yet officially announced although drafts were leaked a week ago. 

Broadcasters are the main components of these tournaments, and these days even for bilateral series. They know, it’s time to start marketing. It’s time to keep people engaged. It’s time to create an impact of all the matches one by one to the audience. However, the delay also becoming a headache for the cricket fans around the World.

Nobody would like to lose huge money even though Pakistan compromised upon shifting 75% of the Asia Cup ODIs to Sri Lanka rather than the UAE. Since the Asia Cup hybrid model 2.0, already approved by BCCI and ACC, it’s time to release both Asia Cup to World Cup schedules. It’s a known fact that Asia Cup would start within the first 2-3 days of the month of Sept 2023. Similar is the case for the 2023 ODI World Cup, but right from the first week of Oct.

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People are relentlessly stopped guessing and are now fed-up. The media is busy to produce reports about what’s going on between India, Pakistan and ICC. Moreover, tourists grab such opportunities to visit different nations to watch top cricket in stadiums, and explore best food, best site seeing etc. Looking towards booking flight tickets to buy tickets for cricket matches, tourists are helpless due to the delay.

If the delay for the official announcement of schedules persists for more than 3-4 days, the passion, the planning, the visits, and the charm would be wiped away. The issues also causing headache to the broadcasters to start engaging their audience. Also, this can affect a lot to the tourism industries of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. 

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