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Najam Sethi and the Battle for Asia Cup: The Hybrid Model 2.0 and Its Impact on Pakistan and India

Najam Sethi and the Battle for Asia Cup: The Hybrid Model 2.0 and Its Impact on Pakistan and India

The current PCB chairman Najam Sethi, with his hybrid model 2.0, reached a face saving battle victory for both India and Pakistan. Earlier, Jay Shah, current ACC president and BCCI secretary raised his finger to shift entire Asia Cup from Pakistan to a neutral venue. He then, fortunately for Pakistan, have to join hands with Sethi. Najam Sethi as ACC president, next year will be what? It’s time to discuss here. 

Jay Shah invited Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka to dismiss the rephrased or hybrid model 2.0, proposed by Sethi. During the IPL final since Bangladesh board officials were not available, Shah spoke nothing in favor of Pakistan. But for his surprise Sethi played some waiting game.

In the waiting game, it was learned that Sethi was about to boycott Pakistan (playing in Ahmedabad, 2023 ODI World Cup) and also the Asia Cup 2023. Pakistan is 2023 Asia Cup’s host and India is ICC World Cup 2023’s host. However, the silent battle was still there.

Since ACC’s (Asian Cricket Council’s) current president Shah was keen to isolate Pakistan from playing anymore international cricket at home, it was Sethi, who stood firm on his later rephrased words. He brought the idea of the hybrid model 2.0.

Sethi told that Shah should look towards becoming ICC’s head and should carry the flock together. Without anyone asking Sethi, he himself told Shah is current ACC’s president and next year, it will be Pakistan’s turn. The term of Shah would end in 2024 as ACC president. Sethi told if he continues to be on PCB chair, it would be him, as ACC president from 2024.

Should Najam Sethi Be Appreciated

To summarize, it will be Najam Sethi as ACC president next year, and it would be good for Asian cricket. If Sethi holds PCB chair although it was absurd to criticize him even after winning the ‘at least’ four match battle for Pakistan. The ‘at least’ itself speaks something good for Pakistan. This means, if India did not make in to the final of the 2023 Asia Cup, the final would be played in Pakistan.

That’s all ended and a better sense prevailed because of Sethi, who rephrased his words. But not much people know that and they keep on criticizing him. His rephrased words, were for Pakistan to play 2023 World Cup in India, and India should visit Pakistan for Champions trophy 2025. Furthermore, at least four 2023 Asia Cup ODIs to be played in Pakistan to start with Pakistan as hosts.

Sri Lanka would benefit a lot from the 2023 Asia Cup, but not more than Pakistan.

Pakistan is the host of 2023 Asia Cup and all top Asian countries for the tournament visiting Pakistan, but not India. However, India would visit Pakistan for Champions trophy in 2025. There’s much to be disclosed in the next 20 months. This is the scenario, which should be appreciated. Sethi should be appreciated for winning the Asia Cup’s hybrid model 2.0 in favor of Pakistan. On the other hand, India is also happy with the outcome.

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