Asia Cup 6 ODIs To Be Played In Pakistan: Here’s How

Asia Cup 6 ODIs To Be Played In Pakistan: Here’s How

The PCB chair Najam Sethi’s press conference on #PakistanCricket silently exposed some secrets from behind. People didn’t noticed how Rashid Latif and few others reacted to this including Sawera Pasha of Sama TV. Here’s how 2023 Asia Cup 6 ODIs to be played in Pakistan. This would sound as an impossible scenario for Pakistan and India cricket fans. However, without the schedule prepared, it looks impossible for Pakistan to host Asia Cup 6 ODIs.

Meanwhile, right before June 22, Asia Cup schedule would be officially declared according to some reliable sources. Also, the World Cup schedule too. One should stay calm and learn how the schedule would be. Pakistan to play Nepal, not as an opening encounter. But the second ODI will be between Nepal and Pakistan. As told in our previous blog, Pakistan will host at least four ODIs in Lahore. Lahore have 6 pitches in the ground. The grass would be cleaned up, one pitch at a time for ODI to ODI basis of the 2023 Asia Cup.

It’s already confirmed that Pakistan is the official host and Sri Lanka would find some difficulty to host ODIs in Colombo. Secondly, there’s only one international airport in Sri Lanka, which is in Colombo. This would put all Asian team players in fatigue. You would say, why then Sri Lanka host all the Asia Cup ODIs in Colombo? That’s not possible because in Sept, Colombo possibly under rain threat. A lot of rainfall in Colombo can wipe off all the ODIs if played there. 

Yes, Pakistan if defeats Nepal and Nepal also loses to India, the scenario would be different. Just one team from both groups would fly back home. Super four would start, leaving behind two Asian cricket teams. The one ODI from the super four would be played in Pakistan, which would be between Pakistan and one other team. You know, India doesn’t want to play or tour Pakistan even for the Asia Cup opening ceremony, which would be of just 4 minutes.

If India do not qualify from super four to the final, the 6 ODIs in total would be played in Pakistan. Initially, four ODIs and one super four ODI, and then the final. This means Asia Cup 6 ODIs would be played in Pakistan. That’s it. Any queries, most welcome to ask. 

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