Pakistan Playing World Cup 2023 in India | Confirmation Here

Pakistan Playing World Cup 2023 in India | Confirmation Here

The ODI Asia Cup 2023 is confirmed as a hybrid model, proposed by former PCB chairman, Najam Sethi. Jay Shah, the ACC president accepted the hybrid model 2.0, and later some statements also rephrased by Sethi. Also, unconfirmed reports pouring in for the ODI cricket World Cup 2023. Yes, Pakistan playing World Cup in India and absolutely, it’s clean and crystal clear. Here’s how? 

Rumors have something to do to increase marketing of Asia’s and the World’s two big tournaments. But if rumors keep spreading more it would be the major reason to create doubts in the minds of cricket fans. The doubts would be likely to keep the subcontinent’s cricket fans amused. This would end up as ‘let’s ignore everything’ type of attitude.

Therefore, few genuine reports also left unread. This also can likely to overshadow the broadcasters’ hard work to keep momentum for their upcoming cricket. The Asia Cup, the World Cup and more. 

Pakistan keeps targeting India for their failure to not visit Pakistan to play cricket. India on the other hand, have to wait and see, what’s likely to happen. A minute or lay man’s opinion, would also say, so many things why Pakistan playing World Cup in India, and why not? For now, keep the ‘why not’ away.

Pakistan also resorted to put in the govt clearance for visiting India to play any sports. Earlier, Pakistan visited India in 2012 and 2016. An ODI and T20I clash between India and Pakistan at India’s soil was taken place in 2012. Thereafter, in 2016, Pakistan visited India to play T20 World Cup. The Dharamshala T20I was shifted at the last moment to a different venue because of security concerns. The T20I was between India and Pakistan. 

Pakistan Playing World Cup In India, Confirmation 

Pakistan has assured the ICC that they have no objections playing in Ahmedabad at the Narendra Modi stadium. If they fail to visit India for ICC tournaments, the PCB would incur significant losses that would impact the future of Pakistan’s cricket. Although 2025 is a distant future, Pakistan is scheduled to host the Champions Trophy. It is premature to assume that India will not visit Pakistan in 2025.

India always participates in ICC tournaments, even if it means visiting Pakistan. The same applies to Pakistan, pending government clearance. Additionally, Pakistan’s cricket economy would suffer if they fail to visit India for the World Cup 2023.

Thirdly, the govt’s of both nations would be convinced to play in Pakistan for India and play in India for Pakistan. However, Pakistan would not hurt badly if they do not visit India. On the other hand, India would also not likely to hurt badly. The scene is, or the main plan would be to clinch the World Cup for both India and Pakistan and for other teams.

The Bottom Lines

If all teams visiting India to play the World Cup, Pakistan would also visit India. In any case, Pakistan would lose just a bit, but broadcasters would lose a lot. A wait till the end of July would be better.

The Pakistan govt have to give NOC within four weeks otherwise a delay would let Pakistan and India further down. Mixing of spice to the tweets have gone viral so far, and it’s the time to know how Pakistan would do the confirmation of playing World Cup in India. However, Asia Cup 2023 schedule have also not been announced. Surely, Pakistan playing World Cup in India. But in 2016, there was some big threat in Dharamshala. Now, it looks unlikely. However, this time too, the venue or venues would be changed if the same happens.     

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